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Vampirella: Southern Gothic (1 of 5) – The Past is the Past, Now Let’s Kick Some Ass!



Vampirella can take many forms. She is, obviously, a sexpot. She wears next to nothing typically and comes off as practically a succubus in many of her pin-up incarnations. Still she can also be a badass vampire when she has a good writer. Nate Cosby is one of those rare writers who has a good handle on her.

Vampirella is battling demons when we first see her. She defeats them of course but not without an injury that seems to be more problematic than usual. She is called up by an old love and asked to come down South to help him out with an issue he is having. She figures what the hell and packs her bags.

One of the things I loved right off the bat about this book was the dismissing of all the various theories of Vampirella’s origins. Is she demon, vampire or alien? In this story it just doesn’t matter. That’s not the story we’re here to tell. It frees her up to just be her badass self without the angst the search for her origin has burdened her with in the recent series.

The art is also exemplary. Jose Luis moves past her barely there typical uniform and actually puts her in real clothes. Don’t worry, he gives some flashbacks of her famous outfit, she’s not Vampirella without baring flesh of course but he wants to tell the story with his images as much as the writer does with his words.

This is the Vampirella I’ve been looking for. The storyline in her ongoing title is decent enough but the art didn’t thrill me enough to keep reading. Her other recent mini, Vampirella Strikes had better art but the story was meh. Southern Gothic brings it all together. I’m curious if the Southern setting is supposed to give us a play on True Blood but I’ll withhold judgement until it plays out some more. This issue is decidedly a set up issue, it remains to be seen where exactly we’re headed. I’m happy to hop on for the ride. This mini is definitely a worthy addition to your pull list.

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Layout 1Vampirella: Southern Gothic
Writer: Cosby, Nathan
Artist: Luis, Jos
Publisher: Dynamite
On Sale: August 14, 2013
Price: $3.99
Diamond Id: JUN130966

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