Robyn Hood fans rejoice!

VAMPIRE EMMY AND THE GARBAGE GIRL came to me completely by accident. We are big fans of Robyn Hood and its creative team and were pretty bummed when the series recently ended (or did it?) so imagine my surprise when I saw copies on a table at Eternal Con last month. Looking up at the table’s occupant I saw this pleasant dude that I was sure I knew. I even recognized the name, Pat Shand. Pat Shand… Wait a minute what is Pat Shand doing at a small Long Island convention? I love running into creators whose work I admire, especially unexpectedly. We spoke for a few minutes (I probably fanboy-ed a bit I do really enjoy his work) and he mentioned this other story he had written, one that was coming out at Heroes Con later that month.


The Joys of Email!

Of course I expressed an immediate interest in reading it and sent an email within days of the Eternal Con. True to his word Pat cc’d the publisher, a wonderful small press outfit called, who responded with a review copy, press release, and cover image. Perfect. Business as usual. Then I dropped the ball. It sat, unread, in my inbox until today. There are 42 million reasons why that happened, none of them matter. You know what does matter? This book was a lot of fun!

A vampire you’ll love and a twist you actually won’t expect…

Pat describes Emmy, the vampire, as the sort who “just wants to kick back, watch Netflix, and eat some bloody cheese fries.” We get a really strong sense of her in those first few pages. She’s someone who’s seen drama, been a part of all the “scenes” and has grown out of it all. She really is the type that’s alone, but not lonely. I liked her right away.

Then she catches a glimpse of the new “Garbage Girl” and it is love at first sight. But come on she’s a vampire how can she even meet this person, who works in daylight, and how can a vampire really form a solid relationship with a mortal?

The answer will surprise you. That may have sounded like ad copy but it’s true I actually didn’t see where he was going. I’m betting you won’t either.

A word about the art…

Fan of Robyn Hood? You should be. People give Zenescope a bad rep for it’s cheesecake covers but the books are solid, really well drawn. Roberta Ingranata has a great expressive style, her use of shadow and negative space keeps the readers eye on the action and yet she avoids a murky feel keeping plenty of detail.

Margins Publishing

Is a new company with an impressive mission “Margins Publishing’s goal is to create and publish works about and by people of underrepresented identities.” Their first project, DATES! AN ANTHOLOGY OF QUEER HISTORICAL FICTION ( boasted over 25 stories by more than 30 creators. And after reading the VAMPIRE EMMY AND THE GARBAGE GIRL one-shot I’m going to have to check out what else they have in store.

The Bottom Line…

The VAMPIRE EMMY AND THE GARBAGE GIRL one-shot is a fun, funny, interesting story about people dealing with their differences the way we wish everyone would. It would make a fun rom-com, cool tv pilot, it would have felt right at home as an episode of BTVS and if Pat decides to revisit the duo I’ll be pre-ordering a copy.

If you’d like to see what all this fuss is about head over to the Margins Publishing store, it’s available in both flavors, digital and print. And while you’re there look around a bit, I think they’ve got a good thing going on.


VAMPIRE EMMY AND THE GARBAGE GIRL gets a 4.5 out of 5. I want more of this story!

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