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Valiant Next! Part 6 – Bloodshot: Reborn #1


And finally from Valiant Next…the return of Bloodshot. The nanite enhanced killing machine with no memory, has been laying low after the events of Armor Hunters , and the damage he suffered in his own book. Now Jeff Lemire and Mico Suayan are thrusting him back into Valiant’s Spotlight with Bloodshot: Reborn, a new ongoing coming out in April. What does it take to draw Bloodshot out of hiding?… find out in the preview images below:

Valiant Next! Part 6 - Bloodshot: Reborn #1

Written by JEFF LEMIRE

From New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire and red-hot rising star Mico Suayan, Valiant delivers an all-new ongoing series for Valiant’s most unrelenting hero!

Bloodshot’s nanites made him a nearly unstoppable killing machine. His enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and healing made him the perfect weapon, and he served his masters at Project Rising Spirit – a private contractor trafficking in violence – very well.

Now, Bloodshot is a shadow of his former self. He lives in self-imposed exile, reeling from the consequences of his past life and the recent events that nearly drove him mad. But when a rash of shootings by gunmen who appear to look just like Bloodshot begin, his guilt will send him on a mission to stop the killers, even if it means diving headlong into the violence that nearly destroyed him.

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