Valiant gets $$$ from DMG for Movies & TV.... Lots of $$$!!!! ~ What'cha Reading?

Valiant gets $$$ from DMG for Movies & TV…. Lots of $$$!!!!

Valiant gets $$$ from DMG for Movies & TV.... Lots of $$$!!!!
No longer will the comic movie announcement blogs be cluttered with news of just the Big 2’s latest cinematic derring-do’s and going-ons! Valiant Entertainment has announced an ongoing partnership with DMG Entertainment, for a blockbuster deal that involves not only the production of big screen movies based on the Valiant Universe’s catalog of characters, but also includes television show production, licensing for toys, merchandise and statues, online video games and much, much more!
DMG Entertainment has invested a eight-figure, (USD) series C round of equity into Valiant as well as an additional nine-figures of film financing capital toward the production of theatrical films and television programs based on Valiant’s library of iconic superhero characters. If anyone knows what that stuff means, more power to you, but to me it looks like Valiant is getting some beacoup bucks to make some damn good movies and t.v.
Valiant is the perfect resource to break the stranglehold Marvel and DC have on the superhero movie industry, with a large cast of visually unique characters with compelling back stories, the Valiant Universe covers a broad spectrum of genres that transcend simple superhero norms, and can pull in fans of all different cinematic tastes

XO_011_CVR_CRAIN1 bloodshot_teaser2

Action Adventure Blockbuster ala Independence Day and Iron Man– You have X-O Manowar, a time-lost barbarian in a sentient suit of alien battle armor defending earth from alien invaders who infiltrated our society eons ago. Or Bloodshot, a nanite enhanced cybernetic assassin with false memories, breaks away from his Corporate/Government controllers in an attempt to find out who he really is, and which memories are real.

More of horror fan, you have Shadowman! possessor of inherited Voodoo powers and defender of New Orleans, he not only battles his inner demons but Master Darque, master sorceror and conqueror of the Deadlands as well.
DRMIRAGE_001_COVER_FOREMAN-hdr-reviewOr the DeathDefying Dr. Mirage, which would be sure to bring in the Twilight crowd, portraying the titular character as paranormal investigator who can see and speak to ghosts, including her deceased husband, whose shared love bridges the gulf of death.
SummerOfValiant_HarbingerDid you dig movies like X-men: First Class and Chronicle. Then Harbingers is right up your alley. Teenagers recuited by the evil Harbinger corporation have the inherit powers activated painfully and then trained to serve CEO Toyo Harada in his superhuman army as he positions himself for global domination. Until one lone drug addicted psiot named Peter Stanchek, just as powerful as Harada, rebels against the Harbinger foundation after seeing behind the curtain. He forms his own band of Renegades from the Harbinger reject files and tries to take down Harada once and for all.
Maybe comedic buddy movies is more your thing? well Valiant’s got a two-for there! with both Archer & Armstrong ( an Immortal hedonist and a brain washed multi-powered teenage asassin vs. every Conspiracy you can think of! ) and Quantum & Woody ( two estranged brothers, one white, one black are banded together by a mysterious power source after their fathers death, force to work together to solve his murder. And there’s a Goat! )

AA_005_VARIANT_LUPACCHINO_A Quantum_and_Woody_1_Sook

Wait let me guess….epic fantasy? Eternal Warrior stars Gilad-Anni-Padda, an immortal warrior ( and Armstrong’s brother ), with a healing factor is drawn to conflict and battle throughout time, defending the Geomancers, a line of Earth-Mages bound to Gaia, our planets spirit.  Fighting in every war since the dawn of civilization, Gilad has shaped history with guidance from successive Geomancers. 2 parts Highlander, 1 part Wolverine.
Rai_1_(2014)_Cover._Art_by_Clayton_CrainOr is it Sci-Fi that gets you in the theater seats, than Rai is the story your waiting for. Its Bladerunner meets The Matrix in 4001 AD. Earth is a devestated wasteland with the Nation of Japan detaching its self from Earth and becoming a second satellite. Run by the seemingly benevolent Father, a sentient A.I. who oversees all the functions of Japan’s society, with Rai as his nearly mythological law enforcer. But all is not as it seems when the fist murder in 2000 years occurs, Rai finds himself embroiled in conspiracies far older than himself, and his actions put him on a crash course towards a battle with Father, with the fate of Japan’s citizens in the balance. 
As you can see, The Valiant universe is fertile ground for cinematic storytelling, and DMG Entertainment has proven itself in the past, being one of the first production companies to bring modern blockbuster American movies to China and the burgeoning Asian market. DMG either helped produce or distribute such movies as Twilight, Priest, Resident Evil:After Life, Looper, Transendence, Red and Iron Man 3, and has many in-roads and connections worldwide. As long as the quality of the movies matches the quality of the books put being put out, this move is nothing but a financial and creative success story waiting to happen.
The partnership between these two powerhouses is a win-win for not only Valiant and DMG, but us fans as well! Marvel and DC will finally have an out-of-the-box wildcard to deal with, and not only do Valiant fans get to see their favorites characters across the big and small screen, fans new to the industry via the theater and t.v. will suddenly have multi media access to a Superheroic Universe not bogged down in 75 years of continuity and reboots as they make the transition from Cinema to Comics.
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