Upcoming Event: Batman v. Superman night at Videology! ~ What'cha Reading?

Upcoming Event: Batman v. Superman night at Videology!

Upcoming Event: Batman v. Superman night at Videology!

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We at What’cha Reading love having an excuse to go out and have fun, especially when it involves everything we love about pop culture – super heroes!  For me, I could border on being Sherlock Holmes (okay, I don’t border, I am) so when I rarely do leave my house, it’s normally for a good reason.  On Saturday, March 28th at Videology Bar and Screening Room, Den of Geek is hosting a Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice night.  Definitely a reason for me to go out.

Image via videology.info

Image via videology.info


Videology, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, will begin Batman v. Superman night at 9 pm on 3/28th.  The night will consist of “a solid two hours of Batman and Superman themed craziness.”  Den of Geek explains the Worlds’ Finest night of craziness being filled with cartoons, tv episodes, music videos, and custom made super cuts.  While specific details regarding what will be shown have yet to be released, one could guess that we could be watching Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman ’66, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and the Coldplay music video for “Strawberry Swing.” (Okay, I’m reaching there…)

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice night at Videology sounds like a great event and one that you won’t want to miss.  Who could pass on the chance to watch cartoons, tv shows, play trivia, and argue with new people about Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill?!?  It’s a night already marked on my schedule and here is What’cha Reading’s (along with yours truly) open invitation to join us at Videology.

Den of Geek Presents: Batman v. Superman Night

Where: Videology at 308 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

When: Saturday, March 28th at 9 pm.

For further details, please visit Den of Geek and Videology

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