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Unsung – My First Origami Comic!


Unsung - My First Origami Comic!

This year at Special Edition: NYC I met a bunch of cool people, true the convention was smaller than I thought it would be (both in attendance and exhibitors) most and the jury’s still out on whether or not the exhibitor’s made enough to make it worth their while, still there were wonders to behold!

When I happened upon Ken Wong’s table I was struck by the artistry, his table was brimming with different origami creations. Now we know that I love to find new and exciting things so I inquired into his array of paper art.

We spoke about Schrodinger’s Cat, I have an eight-year old daughter so the familiar “fortune teller” origami sucked me right in. He was happy to discuss it, telling me how the different squares showed all the different possible states and how those different states just happened to relate to the world of comics. But as our conversation continued he steered me toward unsung. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it, it’s subdued font on a plain manila envelope, even with the bright red “Top Secret” stamp it’s still easy to overlook.

It’s the story of Dr. Unsung, the head the Erskine Memorial Foundation, is being lauded by the President of United States as a hero, a label he doesn’t want or agree with. As far as he’s concerned he’s just a scientist, albeit one who has developed radiation protocols that have protected against hundreds of possible mutations, who has protected the Earth from contamination by extra-terrestrial objects entering our atmosphere. The fact is Dr Unsung has unknowingly changed the course of history and as you read through his accomplishments you’ll see how…

Like a twilight zone episode Dr. Unsung’s story unfolds before your eyes, as you unfold the comic, almost panel by panel the depth of what he’s done hits you harder and harder. Ken Wong has created a really great “What if…” story and packaged it in a way that works perfectly. One of the amazing things about Ken’s comics is that the form they take really add to the story, this isn’t a gimmick, it’s a well thought-out presentation. You can’t (as far as I know) buy Ken’s comics online, but you can go to his website and check them out! And while you’re there look at his calendar to see where he’ll be showing his wares next!

An Origami Comic
by Ken Wong


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