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Unity #1 – Magnus, Solar, Turok..pfft..who needs em!


             Thank You Valiant. Thank You! Since Valiant’s re-boot I have had one question constantly floating in the back of my mind: Can they do a Unity series? Ya’ see folks, the original Unity was the old Valiant’s big cosmic time travel event and it basically hinged on Solar (making black holes), Magnus (fighting the future while being born in the past) and Turok (his Lost Land the prime setting), all Gold Key characters the new Valiant Company does not own.  The owners, Classic Media, licensed them too Dark Horse under the direction of Jim Shooter (founder and creator of the original Valiant), leaving behind the so called “secondary” characters like XO, Bloodshot, Harbinger and the rest. 

So how’d that work out for you Mr.Shooter? 🙂

              Meanwhile, Dinesh Shamdasani, Jason Kothari and Peter Cuneo restarted Valiant Comics, taking all those B characters and turning them into some of  the best current A books out there,…. and who doesn’t love a good underdog story. As the new titles came out, the question hounded me more and more. Unity. How? Will They? Can they? Am I thinking about this too much? Then finally almost 2 years later the announcement is made:

Unity#1- To kill a king, he must build an army…


No black holes,  No time travel,  no Mother Goddess,  no Harbinger birth,

Unity is a team!

The creators behind the new VU have crafted a beautiful world, each title a thread in the overall tapestry, and as these threads started to come together due to events in X-O Manowar’s Planet Death story arc and this summers hit Harbinger Wars, a greater vision was revealed.

Toyo Harada is the most powerful human on the planet, surviving an attack by Bloodshot, stopping Peter’s Renegades from freeing the psiot children from Project Rising Spirit and recruiting them to his own Harbinger army, while toppling most of PSR’s influence and power, there really is no one to oppose him… Until now

Aric of Dacia, Visigoth barbarian king and possessor of the alien XO Manowar armor, has returned from destroying his alien enemies on their home planet, and he’s brought with him a kingdom. Generations of human slaves have returned home with Aric, who wants to give them home, his home: the ancient land of Dacia… too bad its part of modern day europe.

Harada, recognizes a threat to his powerseat ( and probably a threat to the world, he does have an immortal monk who sees the future as an advisor) and puts together a team of the VU’s deadliest superhumans: The Eternal Warrior, Ninjak the Assassin, Livewire ,his right hand woman,with one purpose…. kill X-O Manowar!

But X-O is no pushover, the first human to ever wear the legendary armor the alien Vine worship as a god, has just laid waste to a planet with technology light years beyond any found on earth. Even with a handful of super-humans, taking him out is a tall order. Plus there’s so many wild cards. On whose side will Shadowman fall?, Armstrong (of Archer and Armstrong) never really gets along with his brother the Eternal Warrior, and Harada’s own enemies Project Rising Spirit, and Bloodshot, the new leader of HARD Corps.


All this action and excitement is being brought to you by the team of Matt Kindt (Mind MGMT) and Doug Braithwaite (Justice, Universe X), top notch talent who have both signed exclusives with Valiant, a sure sign of the quality this book is going to have. Take a look:

UNITY_001_001 UNITY_001_002

UNITY_001_003 UNITY_001_004


Seriously, If your a lapsed superhero comic fan, maybe a bit jaded by the continuity (or lack there of ) of the Big 2, but miss the feel of a shared universe of mutli-genre self-sustaining titles by the best of the best in the current industry, then Valiant’s the place for you. And Unity#1 wouldn’t be a bad place to start! Just look at the artists attached to the exclusive pullbox covers:

Bryan Hitch:
JG Jones:
Paolo Rivera:
Travel Foreman:
Clayton Crain:
and regular edition cover by Unity’s own Doug Braithwaite:

Now if you guys can just get on that Rai problem……..

Written by MATT KINDT
Variant Cover by by NEAL ADAMS
$3.99/T+/32 pgs.
ON SALE 11/13/13 (FOC – 10/21/13)

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