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The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary


Time travel. Dinosaurs. Churchill. Go buy it. You’re welcome.

The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill: A Documentary

What still here? Oh you need a little more? Ok then…

“UBWC: A Documentary” is a witty tongue in cheek what if story starring Winston Churchill (yes that one) during the dangerous days of World War II. Not intent on sitting idly by and let the Americans and the Nazi outpace the British in advancements in weaponry he pressures his science department to show him some thing new he can use to win the war. Instead they show him something old, something found behind a wall in an old station. A machine. And this machine is a wonder.

Being the take the world by the nethers kind of man he was Winston wastes no time in using this, untested, technology to procure allies to help win the war. But alas things take a twist and the allies he makes are from those he expected.

The end result is a satisfying and fun history lesson, a history you haven’t seen before. You should buy this book. Both the writer (Erica Schultz) and the artist (Claire Connelly) are so very talented and it comes through beautifully here.


UBWC: A Documentary gets a whopping 4.5 out of 5! (half a point for not having 9 chapters and an upcoming movie release!) Buy it here or from Claire and Erica directly at one of the many conventions they attend throughout the year.

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