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Ultrabot Go Go Go! Giant Robot Action!

Ultrabot Go Go GoI enjoy a good giant robot story as much as anyone. So when John Ward reached out to us with his new FREE book Ultrabot Go Go Go I knew I had to give it a read.
The story opens on Fenwick, a secret agent type, who’s on a lone assault of his nemesis’ lair. He’s a cocky lad on a personal mission and things don’t quite go his way, but that opening chapter launches us into the action packed world of Ultrabot.
Ultrabot is a giant robot working for the US military tasked with being the muscle wherever it’s needed. Done in a manga-inspired style we’re treated to fast action and plot exposition panel by panel. The paced is quick but not hurried and though the art is uncomplicated it’s really well done and reading this seemingly one and done story is a real treat. My only knock on this otherwise tight well done book, the story told in this 25 page issue could have easily filled out a few issues. As someone who obviously reads a lot of comics I saw so many beats the story could have stopped on to be continued in later issues, I was kind of sad they ran through this arc in just one book.

Ultrabot GO GO GO!
Created by Tom Sacchi & John Ward
Written by John Ward
Artwork and lettering by Jason Williams
Colors by Lee Milewski

You can find a copy of the book at http://www.arbutusfilms.com/ultrabot-go-go-go/ or at the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UltrabotGoGoGo/

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