Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk! Marvel Knights and Shout! Factory Continue Their Quest for Animation Domination!

In their quest to release animated versions of every cool Marvel story line Shout! Factory and Marvel Knights bring you Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk!


Now I remember back in 2006 when this mini series started. I don’t think I caught on at the time that it was being written by Lost co-creator and Producer Damon Lindelof. What I did notice was that it was amazing! We all (comic book peeps) go on and on about who kills, who doesn’t what character has this or that moral set this series pulled no punches.C’mon Hulk ripped his freakin legs off!

Needless to say after the first issue I knew I was buying the rest! But then the bane of the comic collector set in, the dreaded delay! Issue three had been scheduled for release in April of 2006 and after no less than eight rescheduling it was announced that issue three was cancelled until the rest of the series was finished. The scripts being finished the assumption is that the delays were at the hands of the artist Leinil Francis Yu but editor in chief (at the time) Joe Quesada remarked that Yu was very excited to get back to the series once he was finished working on “Secret Invasion”. We may never really know all the reasons for the delays but it doesn’t matter, taken as a whole this story was truly well done and one hell of a lot of fun!

But we aren’t talking about the comic are we? Continue reading @ Alternative Mindz!

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