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True Blood—A Missed Opportunity—Spoilery Recap!


This article contains spoilers for the series finale of True Blood as well as some for the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries. If you have not watched the ep or read all the books, think twice before wading into this one.

True Blood—A Missed Opportunity—Spoilery Recap!


I know it’s a week after the finale, but I had to get this off my chest. I don’t consider myself a Truebie, I’ll say that up front. Yes, I read all of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse books, and yes, I’ve watched every season of True Blood on HBO, but I think to be a Truebie you have to really love the entire series and all the books, and for me that just isn’t the case. The last few books felt like Harris was phoning it in to fulfill her contract before she could get to the big finish, and the last couple of seasons on HBO haven’t had any relationship to the books (for those of you who haven’t read them all, here’s a hint: Billith doesn’t make an appearance). Lafayette dies in early days in the books, yet he makes it to the end of the series. And on a fan level, I know why. I loved Nelsan Ellis’ portrayal of the character, and hell, I didn’t want him to die either. But not following the canon in the books mean that the last few seasons have been kind of like watching fan fiction. It wasn’t always well-written fan fiction (see above, Billith), but it was entertaining and I was always too interested in it to stop watching entirely. And knowing this season was the last one, I tuned in once again with the hope that I would get some sort of grand wrap-up to a show and characters I had liked so much that would redeem hours of watching through some less than stellar story lines.

Yeah, notsomuch…

Oh, there was a wrap-up, of course. But as the death toll rose this season, one of my friends and I were betting that the season ending would be that everyone died. Or if that was not to be, that maybe all the flashbacks Bill was having to his life before the Civil War meant that this was all a dream and they would all end up being people in his former life, back on the plantation (that would have been weak, but I’ve seen weaker on the show). Neither happened, so I still don’t see the reason for all of those flashbacks. What did happen was that Sarah Newlin got punished (man, that felt good) and Bill got the release from life he apparently so desperately craved in this season, at the hands of Sookie (a bit of retribution for all the times he’s screwed her over during the series). Oh, and everyone lived (or didn’t live, in the case of the vamps) happily ever after as we saw in a series of flash-forwards that took up the last minute and a half of the show.

I was disappointed. It felt like a cheat to me. While I wanted Sookie to go forward with her life (although maybe not with Sam like she did in the books), I wanted her to have a stronger finish. In the books and the show, Sookie is a strong woman. She hangs out with supes and keeps up with them without being scared off. Yes, she gets banged up more than once, but it’s her contact with the supernatural world that helps her find out how strong she is, that she’s not just a freak who can read minds as the town of Bon Temps sees her when the series begins. She’s part fae, dammit. She’s kickass. And while I appreciated that she didn’t sacrifice her fae-ness for Bill’s sake, I wanted more for her. I wanted more for all of them. The only ending I was even remotely satisfied with was the Eric/Pam/Sarah Newlin ending, because it was perfect for them. But other than that? The best part of the episode was Eric driving a car full of dead Yakuza bodies through the night and jamming to a song on the radio.


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I’ll miss True Blood. I’ll miss the characters, and the whole world that these people existed in, a supernatural world within a world. I’ll miss the possibility that all of it could exist. But I still think there was a better way for it to wrap up, one that would have given its longtime viewers the satisfaction we all craved.

September 7, 2008-August 24, 2014

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