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Trine Hampstead Is Your New Hero! Mystery Girl Review.


Cover by Alberto J. Alburquerque

Trine Hampstead and the matter of the briefcase and the Weimar-Steinberg journals.  Doesn’t that sound like a great adventure story?  That’s because it belongs loosely to Dark Horse Comics’ latest series, Mystery Girl, out Wednesday, December 2nd.  The new comic book, written by Paul Tobin, with art by Alberto J. Alburquerque and colors by Marissa Louise, should be the issue everyone pulls this week at their local comic store.  It’s a solid issue featuring one of comics latest and greatest of heroes, the mystery girl herself, Trine Hampstead.

mgirl1p1Paul Tobin writes Trine as a sidewalk detective with a very particular skill set.  She knows everything.  You could ask her anything and she’ll have the answer.  She just knows.  But don’t go asking her how she can do it because it’s one of her rules.  Trine lives in London and she’s liked by the neighborhood.  She’s a young woman making a living and Paul Tobin’s latest creation is right up there with Liv Moore of The CW’s iZombie and Jessica Jones of Alias.  Trine Hampstead could not have come at a better time in comic-dom and it makes you wonder if Tobin and the good people at Dark Horse Comics have all the answers… just like Trine.

Mystery Girl is nearly a perfect issue in every way as it introduces us to characters we know we’re going to love and a mystery that makes the January 6th release of issue 2 a “Really that long?!?” reaction all the more real.  Paul Tobin is an exceptionally gifted writer whose work on Prometheus and Colder have recently stood out as some of the most engaging of stories.  He’s adept at creating people that reflect the reality we live in no matter how fantastic the story.  Mystery Girl may not be as other-worldly as Colder (not yet), but it still deals with elements that heighten the world we know.  Despite the comic-book flavorings, London is represented through a fully realized community of authenticity.  We meet men and women of all race, creeds, and orientations that after Trine helps out a stripper who has no qualms about what she does – she loves it – Dark Horse Comics Mystery Girl is probably the most inclusive of titles hitting the comic shelves this month.


With a flashback to a party a few years back, we see that Trine Hampstead met a woman, “I thought she was nice”, and two days later woke up with no memory and a very special ability.  It brings to mind the successful NBC series Blindspot and works in helping create the overarching mystery to Mystery Girl.  The first issue concerns itself with matters of briefcases, journals, mammoths, and killers – all powerful ingredients that naturally work in building up our new hero – Trine Hampstead.

mgirl1p3 mgirl1p4

If you like Veronica Mars, iZombie, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, then quickly forget about all of them because Trine Hampstead is our new hero!  She’s smart, resourceful, a bit of a punk rocker, and the coolest sidewalk detective we ever met.  All of our previous comic-book and television/film heroes like Liv Moore and Jessica Jones have undoubtedly paved the way for a character like Trine to exist, but with Paul Tobin writing?  We’re easily in for something far more special… just like Trine.  And that, my friends, is no mystery at all!

Mystery Girl issue 1 gets five stars and is available Wednesday, December 2nd.  To find your local comic book store, click here.




Trine Hampstead knows everything. Ask her a question like “Where are my keys?” or “Is he cheating on me?” or “How are there perfectly preserved mammoths in recent ice?” and she just knows. She’s the Mystery Girl. The only thing Trine doesn’t know is how she knows—or anything else from the last ten years of her life.

* A new series from the Eisner-winning cocreator of Bandette!

* For fans of Marvel Girl and iZombie!

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