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Transference #1 – Salas and Moreci take us on a wild ride!


Transference #1 - Salas and Moreci take us on a wild ride!Time travel is a tough sell. If you over complicate the story it’s too confusing to follow but if you don’t plot intricately enough it can fall flat. Michael Moreci (Hoax Hunters, Roche Limit, ReincarNate) has found the balance. Transference begins innocuously enough, it’s a spy thriller that opens in the middle of an operation. Before you can settle into the espionage idea too comfortably you see the first (of many) twists. Things that Colton Moss and his élite team are witnessing haven’t happened before, the past has changed and they’re there to witness it. But that’s just the first layer of plot, as the story unfolds we see that history isn’t the only thing being changed, peoples lives are being changed, drastically, and who knows what ramifications those changes may have.

The scariest (and coolest) aspect of time travel has always been the ripples. If you step on a butterfly’s wing in the Mesozoic era will it cause a worldwide shift in the 20th century. Well Moreci deals with a shorter window in this story, events months or years in the past being manipulated but the effects may be just as large. I love that Michael is going for it with the plot and really messing with events and people, I can’t wait to see how far he goes and just how his characters will handle it.

It’s a spy thriller, wrapped up in a mystery, encased in a sci-fi adventure! Ron Salas’ (Popgun v2, Existence 2.0/3.0, 28 Days Later, Dracula: Company of Monsters) art has a cinematic sensibility that really works with the story, as well as a great grasp of character and setting. It was a truly enjoyable read.

This is a slick, well written well drawn thriller. 4 out of 5 stars. Pick it up at your local comic shop Wednesday 7/8!

Artist: Ron Salas
Writer: Michael Moreci
Colors: Tamra Bonvillain
Letters: Jim Campbell

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