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Toys R’ Us Batman v Superman Funko POP Coming To Stores!



Funko released their first Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice POP! Heroes vinyl figure at San Diego Comic Con this past summer.  It sold out immediately and has seen eBay sellers asking between $200 to $400+ for it.  While asking prices and selling prices have cooled down a bit, Funko has, unsurprisingly, solicited the same Batman v Superman  2-pack POP! Heroes through Toys R’ Us as a store exclusive.  While pre-orders have sold out and many have landed on eBay, enthusiastic and true fans of both POP! vinyl figures and Batman v Superman needn’t worry.  Funko’s POP! Heroes Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2-pack is not an online exclusive to Toys R’ Us.  It will be available at Toys R’ Us stores next month.

Retailing for $19.99, there is no need for excited fans to pay anything over that amount as it will be available.  If you’re on Instagram, make sure you follow Funko Tree (@funkotree) as that loyal community of Funko fans are one of the leading groups for all things Funko news.  I must give credit to them as this news was first reported by them.

It has been rumored that the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice merchandise and toy collectibles will be available sometime in January, as well with two dates being mentioned – January 1st and January 16th.  Until an actual date is confirmed or toys start appearing in stores, fans and collectors should take the two mentioned dates as rumor.

Until the Toys R’ Us Batman v Superman Funko POP figures release, keep an eye out on this Toys R’ Us link here.

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