Toy Fair NY 2015: The DC Collectibles Edition pt. 1 ~ What'cha Reading?

Toy Fair NY 2015: The DC Collectibles Edition pt. 1


Toy Fair NY 2015: The DC Collectibles Edition pt. 1Monday marked my second day at the 2015 New York Toy Fair and was the complete fulfillment of a childhood dream.  As a fan of Toy Fair for many years, I had always wanted to go. My last stop was with DC and after almost an hour tour I immediately felt that somewhere deep inside my inner 7-year-old was shouting in sheer joy. Adding to the complete professionalism and candid friendliness that makes up the DC Collectibles team, their showroom was truly a sight to see!

DC Collectibles summer/fall 2015 lineup is filled with everything that celebrates their upcoming television/video game/comic book/movie slate.  The action figures and collectibles being offered are enough to make your head explode with just how much attention is being paid to the details.  Starting off the DC Collectibles tour, Kevin Kiniry, the VP of DC Entertainment’s Creative Services took me through waves four and five of their Batman: The Animated Series action figures.  While they were previously released through press images only a few days earlier, NY Toy Fair marked the first occasion that the prototypes were on display.

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Wave four consists of The Penguin, Batgirl, Batman, and The Riddler while wave five consists of Bane, The Scarecrow, Nightwing, and The Mad Hatter.  Mr. Kiniry was clear to address that DC Collectibles have heard the outpouring of support, critiques, and comments for their line of Batman animated figures and have been working extremely diligently to provide a line of figures that are consistent with the quality that their company is known for.  We at What’cha Reading were one of the first to cover the first wave of Batman animated figures a few months back (we reviewed Batman, Catwoman, Two-Face, and Mr. Freeze) and were quick to point out that the designs were predominantly based on The New Batman Adventures as opposed to the first three seasons of Batman: The Animated Series.  Well fans can rest assured that DC always planned on offering a Batman as he appeared in the first three seasons and will be releasing him this summer.  The Riddler action figure will also be based off of the Bruce Timm/Paul Dini designs of the first season along with The Penguin.  The only figure that still maintains the look of the redesigned fourth season is Batgirl.

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Wave five (Bane, The Scarecrow, Nightwing, and The Mad Hatter) consists of The New Batman Adventures and was the last wave to be shown.  However, it was quickly addressed that their Batman line is far from over and that there may or may not be a few surprises in store for fans.  Two of the most important product highlights of the Batman: The Animated Series line of action figures is that they perfectly “capture the stylized look of the program that defined the Dark Knight for a new generation.”  In speaking with Mr. Kiniry, we genuinely addressed growing up with Bruce Timm’s Batman and having the Kenner action figures.  It’s DC Collectibles intention and desire to offer a new range of action figures that reflect that fun spirit of the Kenner line while offering more of an adult sensibility to collectors.  You’ll notice that these figures are more screen accurate by staying away from costumes that were never worn on the show while also featuring accessories that were directly used within episodes.  As a fan of the line since it started, I cannot stress enough that this is the premium line of Batman action figures that fans are going to want to pay attention to.  DC will be continuing their current tradition of honoring the animated series and there are so many collectibles in store that are really going to please the fans.

There are very possibly two crown jewels of the Batman: The Animated Series line and that would, hands down, be The Batmobile and the Mask of the Phantasm two-pack.


The Batmobile is the ultimate vehicle for serious toy collectors and kids alike.  It measures 24″ in length, fits two figures side by side (Batman and Robin anyone?), and comes “fully equipped with working interior and exterior lights and rolling wheels.  Believe me when I say this that The Batmobile is going to be flying off your local comic shop shelves this Christmas and will definitely be on adults and kids wish lists.  It’s an impressive creation and is more than reasonably priced with an MSRP of $99.95.


The Mask of the Phantasm two-pack is going to be the first two-pack offered in the Batman animated line.  While Batman is essentially the same as he appeared within the animated series since the movie didn’t change his appearance, he will come with a different head sculpt and accessories.  The real reason most fans will want this set is that it offers an action figure of The Phantasm villain (an action figure not produced since the animated film.)  The Phantasm is being developed now and may possibly come with an interchangeable head to reveal the villain’s true identity.  It wasn’t displayed, but it was said that we may see it at San Diego Comic Con.

What is most exciting about DC Collectibles 2015 lineup is how far-reaching it truly is.  Some of the action figures and statues shown won’t be available until early January of next year.  While they have an amazing library of characters, it’s understood that Batman is probably right at the top of the list.  The action figures for Batman: The Animated Series look to be the brightest amid a lineup that is filled with nothing but exciting figures and statues that are all worth buying.  But for fans of the animated series, whether you grew up with it like me or have only recently discovered it through DVD, this is the premium line for you.  As the DC Collectibles Gang says in their 2015 Summer/Fall Portfolio “It’s a great time to be a DC Entertainment fan!”

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