Top Shelf Presents Jeffrey Brown’s Incredible Change-Bots Collection

Before there was Darth Vader and Son, or the Jedi Academy, there were the Incredible Change-Bots.

Inspired by the Transformers, Jeffrey Brown created the Incredible Change-Bots. The struggle between the Awesomebots and the Fantasticons debuted in a 2007 graphic novel. Now, Top Shelf gives Change-Bot fans old and new a huge collection – 224 pages! – of strips, gallery pieces, random facts, toy designs, and even a theme song.

Top Shelf Presents Jeffrey Brown's Incredible Change-Bots Collection

To be clear, this isn’t your kids’ Transformers. The audience is teen and up for content, so fans of Brown’s more kid-friendly Star Wars work will just have to content themselves with his upcoming “Good Night, Darth Vader”, and his second Jedi Academy book, “Return of the Padawan”, both on sale in July.

Brown’s signature artwork is here, as are his musings and random facts on the Change-Bots. Did you know that a Change-Bots poster shows up in the movie, Kick-Ass? There are lots of great little bits of trivia.

Overall, it’s a great collection for Change-Bot fans. You can pre-order the book from Top Shelf’s website right now, and it hits shelves in October.

Writer: Jeffrey Brown
Artist: Jeffrey Brown
Publisher: Top Shelf
Price: $19.95
On-Sale: Oct. 7, 2014
ISBN: 978-1-60309-348-4

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