The Over-the-Top Secret History of the U.S. Continues with Civil Four #5 ~ What'cha Reading?

The Over-the-Top Secret History of the U.S. Continues with Civil Four #5


The Over-the-Top Secret History of the U.S. Continues with Civil Four #5

I reviewed The Civil Four #2 back in June and loved it, so when I saw that the fifth issue of the series was available over at Comixology, I jumped right back in. Issue 5 is the beginning of a new story arc; the Civil Four and their assorted sidekicks (Ben Franklin’s spirit and a newly reformed Robert E. Lee) head north to New York to take up residence in the Black House (the White House’s twin, designed by Thomas Jefferson and built by Freemasons, of course) on their quest to rebuild the country and stop the machinations of a villain known only as “The Dandy.” I know, this sounds insanely over the top, and it is. And that’s a very, very good thing.

CivilFour4-01Casey Van Heel’s storytelling requires you to forget most of the history that you know. In return, he rewards you with a story that consistently pushes the boundaries of credulity and makes you laugh with every panel. Fake old-timey ads for Whiskey Soda and Vaudeville Wrestling? Check. Evil J.P. Morgan? Check. A map of the Black House with a slew of hysterical labels including “Peaceful Observation Tower (Also doubles as bedroom for super-sniper). Check, check, check. In my review of issue #2 I said that I had no idea where this whole story was going, and I still don’t. It’s impossible to guess. But it’s one hell of a fun ride.

I give it 4 out of 5 Lightning Bolts.

CivilFour4-02 CivilFour4-03

Writer: Casey Van Heel
Artist: Maxeem
Publisher: C4 Comics
Diamond Id:
Format: COMIC
Price: $.99

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