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Top 5 Super-Hero Super Bowl Spots!


The Super Bowl is widely known for its popular commercials.  While studios like Warner Bros. have pulled out of promoting their movies for almost a decade, many other studios look to capitalize on one of the most widely watched nights of television.  While there aren’t too many super hero big game day ads planned (at least we can’t think of any), we compiled a top five list of some of the past Super Bowl spots that have played in years past.  Some of the spots led to much greater things while others were soon forgotten just like the ads that were shown.  Regardless, here’s our list of the top five super hero movie t.v. spots that aired during the Super Bowl.

I.  Hulk (2003)

A year after the hit Spider-Man, comic book fans soon turned their attention to the big-screen debut of Ang Lee’s Hulk.  Some may have forgotten that the 2003 Super Bowl was where fans got their first look at the Hulk after the teaser that ran before Spider-Man, releasing later that year in June.  They began the marketing campaign with a t.v. spot.  Fans went wild.  Little did they know that The Hulk would ultimately disappoint and eventually lead to two additional reboots.

II.  Batman Begins (2005)

Batman Begins was a widely watched film as it served as not only the first major reboot for a series, but it also marked The Dark Knight’s return to movie theaters in over five years.  At this moment, all Warner Bros. had was a teaser trailer that gave us a glimpse of a widely different and significantly darker take on the character.  With the Super Bowl ad, we got a quick tease of the Christoper Nolan movie, showing off Alfred (Michael Caine), Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), and our first time seeing The Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy).

III.  Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man marked an interesting time for comic book movies.  Opening post 2005’s Batman Begins, where audiences learned that a comic book film could be more than just bubble-gum entertainment, Iron Man was the first major film under Marvel Studios.  Fans knew that if this film took off, along with The Incredible Hulk, we’d be looking at the start of a Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Well, we know how this all worked out.

We would like to add that Iron Man‘s Super Bowl spot gave us a catchy tease set to Audioslave’s song “Cochise.”

IV.  John Carter (2012)

Walt Disney Pictures released their John Carter Super Bowl spot during the same Super Bowl that featured Madonna as the half time performer.  It was the first Super Bowl party that I ever attended and the usage of Led Zeppelin’s song “Kashmire” was inspired.  I’m a big fan of John Carter and despite the movie failing to capture audiences imaginations, I still stand by the Andrew Stanton film.  By the way, check out my retrospective review on John Carter, if you’d like.

V.  Supergirl (2016)

Yes, Supergirl!  Did we fool you?  Could your super vision not see through our led cased surprise?  Yes, CBS will be airing a Supergirl t.v. spot during the Super Bowl.  Featuring a quick sizzle real of this first season, Supergirl is one of my favorite shows and one I enjoy more and more each week.

So there you have it and in case this year’s Super Bowl disappoints, you could count on our top five for fond memories and great t.v. spots!  But, how could this year disappoint?  We have Coldplay!

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