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Top 5 Reasons Why Rousey vs Holm was Batman v. Superman



Ronda Rousey.  Holly Holm.  Rousey vs. Holm…


Batman.  Superman.  Batman v. Superman…

There’s a familiarity to both fights that we just couldn’t shake off while watching UFC 193 last night (11/14/15).  Ronda Rousey (12-0), expected to be the “unstoppable force, impossible to either stop or silence” was, shockingly, defeated by Holly Holm (9-0) in a second round knockout.  Crowds erupted, enthusiastic fans booed, and the social media platforms burst with tweets and updates.  One of, if not the most, celebrated fighter was finally unseated as champion in a match that many were expecting to play as a footnote in both UFC history and Ronda Rousey fights.  At 1:06 am ET, fight enthusiasts now had a new match to place alongside the Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas upset in 1990.

Rowdy vs The Preacher’s Daughter.  The Dark Knight vs. The Man of Steel.  It isn’t just us making this connection, right?  It’s not only for the reason that three Batman v. Superman crew members were at the bar where we were?  Here’s a look at the Top 5 Reasons Why Rousey vs. Holm was Batman v. Superman!

I.  Two Icons

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Ronda’s a UFC icon.  There’s no denying her credibility and star power.  We even wrote two pieces on her this week.  Ronda Rousey, Comic Book Hero? and Top 5 Heroes Ronda Rousey Could Play!  Batman is a symbol of fear.  One can argue the same for Ronda.  She was the first UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion in and she used fear and uncertainty to her advantage.  – Joe

Holly “The Preacher’s Daughter” Holm is the definition of a champion.  She’s humble, graceful, and knows how to fight powerfully, but with reserve.  Isn’t that exactly what’s been said about Superman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice?  Named “Female Fighter of the Year” twice in 2005 and 2006 by Ring magazine, she’s been an accomplished professional boxer in the IBF since 2002.  – Steven

II.  Ronda is Batman

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Going into UFC 193, there was no denying that Ronda Rousey was the favorite.  The build up to this fight has also largely seen a majority of those that don’t even follow UFC rooting for “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey.  Echoing I.  Two Icons “there’s no denying her credibility and star power”, Batman is very firmly planted in the same place.  The Dark Knight Trilogy grossed over $2 billion and ensured The Dark Knight’s big screen return.  While Batman v. Superman is not connected to those series, we can’t help but not credit those image rehabilitative films for ensuring that audiences would have a hero to root for and not mock as was the time following 1997’s Batman and Robin.  Going into March 2016’s Batman v. Superman, there’s no escaping the fact that Batman is the bigger draw.  Just as Ronda Rousey was going into UFC 193 (and probably still so)!

Rousey, by signature armbar, at 1:17 of the first round was the main prediction.  They didn’t even give Holly Holm a shot which leads us to…

III.  Holly is Superman

batman-vs-superman-ew-pics-1 Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Holly Holm is “the Preacher’s Daughter.”  Her style is unique to UFC and is something fans have yet to see. Superman was an alien who’s abilities were unique and nothing the people of Earth have ever seen. – Joe

“The Preacher’s Daughter.”  “The Last Son of Krypton.”  Going into UFC 193, I was rooting for Holly Holm to win.  I wasn’t a fan of Ronda’s unsportsman like behavior during the weigh-in and it was then that I changed my allegiance.  Holm has exhibited the characteristics during the lead up, fight, and post fight that we’ve seen in Superman.

 People give hell to the grandfather of all superheroes and call him vanilla, along with debating the 2013 film.  People wrote, said, tweeted, and posted numerous rude sentiments towards Holly Holm before and after UFC 193.  She’s a champion.  She’s been nothing but humble and not the “fake humilty b****” that Ronda’s called her. – Steven

In this story, Holly Holm is Superman.

IV.  Fighting Technique

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Ronda’s a great fighter, but more so a great grappler.  Forget “chances are…”  If you fall to the mat with her, you’re done.  However, she’s not called “Rowdy” for no reason at all and despite the nod to Roddy Piper, she does have a tendency to have a rowdy presence in the octagon.

Holly Holm is a technical fighter.  With her background in boxing and kickboxing, she has the skills.  In a stand up fight, there’s no escaping her agility, power, and science.  This is what destroyed Ronda.  She’s not a stand up fighter and when stepping up to Holly, she just didn’t have what it takes.

Superman wouldn’t get into a cage fight with just anyone. Imagine, you wouldn’t get into a fight with someone if they hit you and you didn’t feel it, barely registered it. Superman wouldn’t even notice; he’s not quick to engage. – Henry Cavill

V.  The Upset!


 Holly defeated Ronda!

Ronda was upset by Holly because she overestimated herself and underestimated Holly.  Her ego got in the way and failed to mentally evaluate her opponent.  Batman has the potential to make that same mistake.  Fans do too and this is coming from a huge fan of Ronda Rousey and Batman. – Joe


Holly Holm,  former three-division boxing champion, brought her defined ring skills into the octagon and left Ronda bloodied and gasping before ending matters with a sharp straight left hand and a sweeping left leg kick that reduced the champion to a 134-pound heap.  It happened.  We saw it.  And it could very well happen in March 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  And that will probably end with “a firm handshake” between the titans, just as Holly and Ronda finally tapped gloves!

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