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Top 5 Heroes Ronda Rousey Could Play!


*The early 90’s saw a rise in the popularity of athletic women, especially women like champion bodybuilders Lenda Murray and Cory Everson.  It’s been quite some time since then and it’s only been over the past few years that we’ve seen Dana Linn Bailey become the Arnold of today in which she is beloved by many.  It’s a dynamic that Ronda Rousey achieved in possibly greater ways and with her ever-expanding presence in Hollywood, it’s greatly exciting to consider the possible film roles she may have, especially the comic book based ones.  Rousey has a real opportunity to change the course of how female action heroes are perceived and presented, let alone appearing on screen.

Contributing writer Joe Grodensky decided to take a look at the top five female super-heroes Ronda Rousey could be cast as for potential films.  You can find him on Twitter @JoeGrodensky



1634933-rtemisww3 Ronda-Kicking-Coach

Ronda Rousey is known for her physicality and warrior stare in the octagon. This would make her the perfect candidate to fill the role of Artemis of Bana-Mighdall in 2017’s Wonder Woman.  Artemis was born poor and would often train herself by running up mountains and lifting heavy objects.  Ronda Rousey has been practicing martial arts since she was 10 and even made the Olympics as a teenager where she won the Silver Medal.  Both Artemis and Ronda are trained in hand-to-hand combat and keep themselves in top physical shape.  There is no question Ronda is a real-life, modern-day Artemis.

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

expendables3-rousy 22849

Lara Croft has become a household name in the video game world since 1996 and put Playstation on the video game map.  It has spawned two movies, both starring Angelina Jolie, and numerous sequels/re-releases across various platforms.  She is often portrayed as a sexy, tank-top and short shorts wearing action adventurer who dual wields handguns.  Since Tomb Raider has been redeveloped for current next-gen systems, Lara Croft is presented in a much more realistic way.  Ronda certainly could pull off the character, especially after her appearance in Expendables 3.  She even wore a ponytail like Lara Croft.

Captain Marvel


Ronda Rousey is a marvel in the world of fighting.  She defied the odds and critics, becoming the first female champion in UFC history.  She puts down her opponents in record times appearing to not even break a sweat.  This is reminiscent of another female superhero which Ronda is currently rumored to be consideration for, Captain Marvel. Major Carol Danvers is a former United States Air Force officer who is given remarkable abilities by having her genes spliced with alien (Kree) genes.  She has superhuman strength, endurance, stamina and flight among other superhuman qualities.  Ronda Rousey can’t fly, but she certainly seems to have the other superhuman abilities that Captain Marvel has, especially inside the octagon.


1451361-shera_wallpaper_shera article-2284250-184818C6000005DC-92_634x785

Everyone who grew up in the 80s or knows comic books can recite the phrase, “By the power of Grey Skull! I have the powwweerrr!!” off the top of their heads.  This phrase invokes the memory of He-Man, Skeletor and She-Ra.  She-Ra was He-Man’s ally and a princess who possessed superior strength as well as speed and stamina.  Like Ronda Rousey, she’s not afraid to take on anyone and has become a tremendous icon.

The Shield

TheShield-1-478a9 20d10ef29f70e992db1317b417e004ad

Ronda Rousey could play a relative newcomer known as The Shield.  You could find Steven’s review of issue 1 here.  The Shield is a product of Dark Circle Comics, and written by Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig.  Victoria Adams is a woman known as The Shield, is immortal and has been saving the day since the American Revolution.  Think of her as a cross between Assassin’s Creed, Wolverine, and Captain America.  Ronda Rousey is an American hero in her own right, with the physical strength and intimidating presence to match.  It is clear that Ronda Rousey can play any, and all, of these characters.

What are your thoughts on Ronda Rousey playing one of these characters?  Was there a character that we didn’t mention?  Feel free to sound off in the comments below and be sure to watch UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holly Holm tonight at 10 PM ET on Pay-Per-View.

*Opening originally found in “Ronda Rousey, Comic Book Hero?” by Steven Biscotti.

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