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Tomboy 3 – Creepy, Dark, and Entertaining


Tomboy 3 - Creepy, Dark, and EntertainingWow! I hadn’t seen anything from Mia Goodwin since her work with Jeremy Whitley on Princeless volume 1. Tomboy is a long way from Princeless, but not in a bad way. The story revolves around Addison, a normal sixteen year old, the daughter of the town Medical Examiner, field hockey player, and a huge Princess Cherry Cherry fan (think every My Little Pony type show crossed with every princess fixation tween girls have.) Her life turns upside down when someone murders her best friend. That would be enough of a crushing blow to her psyche but the she winds up, conveniently, in the wrong place at the right time and hears the murders discussing it as if it were nothing. That’s when she snaps and seem to transform into something, other worldly. Convinced by visions she’s been chosen as a warrior of fate she turns to her grandfather for help, never knowing that he’s the one person perfectly suited to make it all worse. Will she continue her crusade, as a “champion of all that is good in the world” like her hallucinations tell her she is? Or will she abandon the insanity and really seek help?

This is a book about love, loss, murder, insanity, and quite possibly possession as well? I originally jumped in at this issue, #3, but honestly it was so creepy and well written I needed to go back and read the other two and I wasn’t disappointed. The art is really pretty, with great tones and varied character styles, overall it has sort of toned down american manga influence and when it gets creepy, man is it good. The violence level is high, but language and sex is pretty tame. It’s being released under the Danger Zone imprint so that should give you a good idea of its intended audience.

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This may seem a bit harsh but I’m giving Tomboy #3 3 out of 5 stars. As a series it’s a 5 but this issue needs set up and if you haven’t read the rest you’re going to feel lost. I can’t wait until the series releases it’s first trade, I know it will be a must buy! As for now, if you want to pick up issue 3 at your local comic shop but don’t want to feel lost I recommend clicking over to and picking up the previous two in digital.



Writer(s):  Mia Goodwin
Artist Name(s):  Mia Goodwin
Cover Artist(s): Mia Goodwin
Variant Cover: Tim Kaminski

Double funerals and double lives! Issue 3 of Tomboy reveals Anthony’s secret past and Addison’s murderous future, while Detective Tico is getting closer to the true identity of the Halloween Killer.

32 pages/ Rated: T+ / FC                           $3.99 (reg)/ $4.99 (var.)

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