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Tomb Raider #2 Floods, Cursed Amulets, Jet Setting, Typical Lara…


Oh Lara, the trouble you get yourself into. Deserts suddenly flooding. Cursed stolen amulets. Old friends going insane. Yup, sounds like a typical day for Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider #2 Floods, Cursed Amulets, Jet Setting, Typical Lara...

We begin where we left off, Lara having gone to find an old friend, ends up in the middle of a raging flood. A tad surprising considering she’s in the driest spot in America. Her friend was taken by the water but Lara doesn’t give up. She manages to find and rescue him but he’s has no memory of what just happened. She moves on to Dublin, to get some expert advice on the talismans that appear to be at the center of her problems. It also seems there are more artifacts floating around from her last expedition.  More stolen artifacts, more problems.

I am still loving this take on the Tomb Raider franchise. Gail Simone keeps up a breakneck pace, with some twist happening every few pages. She writes Lara as the smart, adventurous, but human woman she should be and we feel her frustration as she keeps getting curve-balls thrown at her. The art is fantastic, clearly depicting the action in scenes where it’s needed but never making me feel lost in the panels.

I’m giving Tomb Raider #2 four out of five stars. I am completely enjoying joining Lara on this adventure.

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Tomb Raider #2
Writer: Simone, Gail
Artist: Selma, Nicolas Daniel
Cover Artist: Scott, Dan
Lara Croft and her friends are experiencing horrific visions in the aftermath of their ordeal in the lost kingdom of Yamatai. But those visions herald a darker fate than they could have imagined!
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.50
UPC: 76156822838000211
On Sale: March 26, 2014
Publisher: Dark Horse
Diamond Id: JAN140163

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