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Titan’s Twelfth Doctor #2 — To Tide You Over Until the Christmas Special


Titan's Twelfth Doctor #2 — To Tide You Over Until the Christmas SpecialNow that Doctor Who is on hiatus until Christmas, I’m taking my Twelve wherever I can get him. Fortunately Titan Comics has my back and gave me some love in the form of Issue #2 of their Twelfth Doctor Adventures. Unlike the other Doctor Who comics (if you’re not up to date, here are my reviews of the latest Tenth Doctor and Eleventh Doctor Adventures) that have the Doctor traveling with new companions, Titan has decided to let Clara be Twelve’s companion in the comics (*cough* as it should be *cough*). It’s like they know me or something.

Last time we saw Clara and Twelve in 2D form, they discovered that something very angry had been awakened when Isen VI was terraformed from an ice planet into a tropical paradise: a Hyperion, who was lurking in the planet’s core. This issue gives us a little more background on the species, who are basically “sentient suns.” And like all suns, the eventually go supernova. What had previously been a benign race went all ‘roid rage on the universe, and the universe fought back (loved the Rassilon reference, btw). This particular Hyperion has been in stasis on Isen VI for a long time, however, and doesn’t realize that things ended badly for his side. He’s determined to pick up right where he left off but of course the Doctor isn’t going to stand for that. There’s also an interesting subplot with the insanely wealthy Kano Dollar, who was behind the terraforming of the planet, but I’ll  leave it there to avoid spoilers.

I unabashedly enjoy all of Titan’s Doctor Who comics, and this one was no exception. Writer Robbie Morrison has a knack for turning a phrase 12D_02_Cover_C_ClaraPhotoCover(“Benevolence became malevolence” is my favorite…somehow Robbie always manages to give me a favorite line in these comics) and is equally adept at capturing the banter between Twelve and Clara as well as their individual personalities. Artist Dave Taylor uses a comic style for the majority of the book (which makes total sense and suits the material), but his portrait skills in a tight closeup on half of Twelve’s face drew my eyes for a good long while. What can I say? I love me some Capaldi and Dave captured him perfectly. I also got a special bit of glee from the way the sound effects were visually represented.

There’s a lot to like in this book and this series—it’s obvious that a lot of thought goes into each issue as well as the overall storyline, and the creativity level is as high as you would expect from the Doctor Who brand. The Twelfth Doctor team has not only invented several new species, they also came up with cyclonic oceans…just think about that concept for a while. Cyclonic oceans. You need to read this book just to see that in action. The humor strip by Colin Bell and Neil Slorance at the end of the issue just adds to the fun. Issue #2 of the Twelfth Doctor series gets 4.5 out of 5 Lightning Bolts. You should grab it.

Writer: Robbie Morrison
Artist: Dave Taylor
Letterers: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Humor Strip: Colin Bell and Neil Slorance
Cover Artists: The Coal Hill Gang, AJ, Rob Farmer
Format: Comic
Publisher: Titan
Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 19, 2014

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