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Titan Comics Hates Mondays but You’ll Love ‘Em with Carpe Diem!


Titan Comics Hates Mondays but You'll Love 'Em with Carpe Diem!

When Titan Comics released the A1 anthology series in June 2013 I was an immediate fan. Each issue contained 3 stories, totally different styles of art and storytelling, all good. Carpe Diem was definitely the strangest of the three. Billed as “The world’s 7 greatest assassins, one for each day of the week.” it was visually assaulting, with lots of action, quick panel transitions, and witty banter. A perfect comic for an action junkie like myself. Here, have a look.

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Along with the actiony goodness the absurdity of the characters and the quick pun-filled writing made this a great read. Since the anthology format coupled Carpe with “Weirding Willows” (a fantasy story with anthropomorphic animals and classic literature characters) and “Odyssey” (a Captain America like character going through a crisis of conscience) I wondered how it would stand up in a volume on its own. I was just as impressed and enthralled the second time around. All three storylines were great, I can definitely recommend picking up the standalone arc of Carpe Deim, whether you read it the first time or not.

4 out of 5 stars (where’s the next chapter!)

A1 Presents Carpe Diem Vol. 1: I Hate Mondays HC
Writer: Rauf, W.H.
Artist: Marcellius, Rhoald
Cover Artist: Marcellius, Rhoald
Pages: 104
Diamond Id: APR141369
Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978178276083251999
On sale: September 3

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