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Titan Comics’ Future Plans for Doctor Who


Titan Comics' Future Plans for Doctor WhoI’m a fan of what Titan is doing with their Doctor Who comics (see my review of the first issues with Ten and Eleven here), so I was pretty excited to hear what they’re planning for future issues in each line. The announcements they made at their Thursday afternoon NYCC panel gave fans a lot to look forward to.

With a panel that included writers and artists for both Ten and Eleven’s series, there was obviously going to be a focus on those two lines. Both Doctors have added new companions to the TARDIS, and they’re not the familiar ones from the TV series. When asked about the possibility of bringing companions like the Ponds or River Song into the mix, it was agreed that their respective story lines have been resolved on the TV series. Titan is less interested in filling in any gaps left by the series than they are with moving forward and developing new story lines.

To that end, they announced an upcoming story arc that involves Ten facing the Weeping Angels in the trenches of World War I (the cheers that went up at this announcement were audible in the next panel room, I’m told). This arc is based on a World War I story where soldiers claimed they saw an angel on the battlefield at Mons in Belgium that they said presaged their victory. Sounds very cool and not a little creepy; I’m looking forward to reading it!


Titan also announced that they’re going to be launching a new miniseries featuring stories with various past Doctors, each Doctor getting a five issue arc. The first miniseries will feature (wait for it, because this is awesome) the Ninth Doctor, with Captain Jack Harkness and Rose Tyler in tow. It will take place before the season one episode “Boom Town,” which had always been one of my favorites. I love the camaraderie the trio had in that episode, and I’ve got really high hopes the comic will be able to capture it. Sounds fantastic, right? You should have heard the cheer that let out in the room for that announcement!


There was also some discussion of the new line featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Clara. Titan is in constant contact with the BBC, so no need to worry that they’ll be out of character. I got my hands on a copy of the first Twelve issue yesterday (an NYCC exclusive as it doesn’t hit the shops until October 15), and I loved it. Very cheeky, great artwork, and an interesting Big Bad for the two to contend with. I’ll have a full review up closer to press time for the issue.

So lots for Whovians to look forward to. And I have to say, a great first panel for me to cut my teeth on at NYCC.

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  1. It’s a bit of a contradiction to say that they only want to do new stories instead of fill in gaps in the television series and therefore wouldn’t be interested in having River as a companion, yet they want to bring back Rose and Jack for a pre-“Boom Town” story. The Nine and Rose season, particularly the small space of time spent with Jack, is much more tightly compact than River’s intermittent adventures over centuries worth of time with multiple incarnations of the Doctor.

  2. Agreed. I am looking forward to some more time with my favorite trio, though. I think there’s this feeling that Eccleston’s time was so limited on the series that people want to stretch their time with him in any way possible. I know I do!

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