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Time to Crunch the Numbers – The NUMBERCRUNCHER Collection is ON SALE NOW.


One of my favorite titles this year has been Titan’s NUMBERCRUNCHER by Si Spurrier and PJ Holden. From the first glimpse at the teaser cover in Previews, I was hooked and wanted to know more, and the book was every bit as exciting, morbidly hilarious, and – dare I say it – even touching – as I hoped it would be. Just in time for Christmas shopping, Titan’s announced that my man Bastard Zane (and that wily mathematician) are hitting shelves with the Numbercruncher Collection. Go to your comic book stores and ask for it by name. You won’t be sorry.


Not familiar with Numbercruncher? We’ve dedicated a lot of space to it, go check it out.

Writer: Spurrier, Simon
Artist: Holden, P. j.
Cover Artist: Holden, P. j.
At its head, not a white-haired anthropomorphic deity with a harp and a throne but a wizened, weaselling old man with bad breath and bad attitude. At his right hand, Bastard Zane, a surly civil servant with a big gun whose job it is to stop those who think they can buck karma. And then there’s Richard Thyme: genius mathematician and a man who will do whatever it takes to defy Fate and return to his one true love – even if he is dead.
Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978178276004751999
On Sale: December 04, 2013
Publisher: Titan
Diamond Id: AUG131454

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