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Tiger Lily Roars In Peter Panzerfaust #16! Check Out the Preview!


It’s not very often as a reviewer that I want to pull on the reader’s cuff, tug over and over saying, LOOK LOOK! But this is one of those rare occasions.


This Wednesday, January 8th, the sixteenth issue of one of the best comics out there hits the stands. It’s easily one of the 10 best series of 2013 and this issue proves once again why it’s so damn good.

I’ve reviewed Peter before, the story of a band of orphans running and fighting across France in WWII. I’ve talked about it’s protagonist Peter who is the embodiment of the pan, loyal, brave and with an irrepressible lust for life.

Issue 16 centers on Tiger Lily, the daughter of resistance fighter the Chief. An enigmatic leader with a gruff but warm personality, he was Tiger’s only family and a father figure to the boys. When he’s killed in the last assault, by a team of Haken’s (the Hook) hunters, Tiger vows to enact her revenge.

The tale that follows is done brilliantly, it’s not some murderous montage with tons of explosions and an astronomical body count. No Kurtis gives us a level-headed, if brokenhearted, heroine. She plans and executes with cold precision but still shows the passion that her character is known for.

Another of the wonderful things about this series is Tyler’s art. His style is cool but more than that his layouts and attention to detail really blow me away every month. There are two pages in this issue I would love to show off but alas I have no preview pages and even if I did one would be a bit of a spoiler.

(Edit – thanks to the generosity of Kurtis Wiebe we now have a 5 page preview! He emailed us the art just before we posted the article, Thanks Kurtis!)

This type of story might easily be mistaken for something that could alienate new readers, on the contrary I find it to be a great jumping on point. It brings the audience along nicely, with little tidbits here and there to give a clear picture of the story.

This issue is a 5 out 5.

If you’re not reading Peter Panzerfaust now is the time to start!

And now courtesy of Kurtis, a five page preview of Peter Panzerfaust #16!

peter_issue_16_01_FINAL (Copy) peter_issue_16_02_FINAL (Copy)

peter_issue_16_03_FINAL (Copy)

peter_issue_16_04_FINAL (Copy)peter_issue_16_05_FINAL (Copy)

Add it to your pull list people it’s a great book!

Peter Panzerfaust #16
Writer: Wiebe, Kurtis J.
Artist: Jenkins, Tyler
Cover Artist: Jenkins, Tyler
THE HUNT, Part One; In the aftermath of the assault on The Sticks, the team is fractured and Lily’s father is dead. Parsons returns to Lily to hear of what happened and he learns her side of the story for the first time. It’s a tale of revenge… with the Hunters becoming the hunted! THE FOURTH INCREDIBLE STORY ARC BEGINS HERE!
Format: COMIC
Price: $3.50
UPC: 70985301163701611
On Sale: January 15, 2014
Publisher: Shadowline, Image
Diamond Id: NOV130430

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