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Threat Level Wednesday! Why? Because it’s Wednesday!


Bob’s comic picks for the week of 6/3



Avengers # 15
w. Hickman and Spencer
a. Caselli

Why?: Because Hickman’s Infinity is going to be the biggest cosmic epic Marvel ever had. Although this is tagged as a Prelude to Infinity, I believe everything Hickman has written for Marvel, from SHIELD to Fantastic Four and FF, has been a Prelude to the upcoming blockbuster.
Caselli’s artwork is as dynamic as ever, and he’s one of the few artists who draws everyone exactly the way they’re supposed to look. He really highlights the colossal concepts Hickman is throwing around.


Daredevil Dark Nights #2
w. & a. Lee Weeks

Why?: Because ( cover your ears Miller Fans ) no one draws Daredevil better than Lee Weeks and this is building into a timeless DD tale. Taking place during a massive snowstorm in NYC, Weeks captures Daredevil, the city, and even the weather in glorious shades and shadows, showing The Man Without Fear at his best, fighting the bad guys and being a hero. This can be read by anyone who is a Daredevil fan or who may have lapsed, and a good book to give to a muggle who says “got any Daredevil books I can read? ”



Detective Comics #22
w. Layman.
a. Fabok

Why?: Because the only thing cooler than Batman is an evil version of Batman. Wrath was a character I chanced across in a back issue bin (a 1984 Batman Special #1 by the Mikes, Barr and Golden) and fell in love with. His origin ( worth reading even on just wiki ) is so Anti- Batman its awesome. The Wrath of the new 52 seems to be following suit, with his penchant for cop killing and his way of dealing with his young sidekick, Scorn’s, failures as shown in his debut this issue. Fabok’s art has gone from being a Gary Frank clone to developing his own unique style that suits the caped crusader perfectly. Flip through this book and try not to be impressed.


Green Arrow#22
w. Lemire
a. Sorrentino

Why?: Because Green Arrow is interesting again for the first time since he came back from the dead ( that was 1 New 52, a Flashpoint and 2 Crisises ago ). Lemire has taken the Emerald Archer to new levels by stripping him down, while at the same time adding unexplored aspects of Oliver’s origin. Revelations of his father, his time on the island, and the mysterious group known as the Outsiders are abounds as well as new takes on characters such as Shado, Count Vertigo and the Butcher (am I the only one who got that mini? Or the Brave and the Bold follow-up?? ). Sorrentino’s art was so fitting for his I, Vampire run, I worried at first that it wouldn’t fit a more mainstream book, but I was wrong by a long shot. It gives GA’s world a gritty more realistic look more suited for modern comics.


Dark Horse:


Catalyst #1
w. Joe Casey
a. McDaid
a. Maybury

Why:? Because I’ll try anything Joe Casey writes, and usually enjoy it. Casey is reinventing the Comics Greatest World imprint for Dark Horse and his attempts to add depth and realism to comics has always impressed me before.

Last Weeks Surprise Pick:


Wake #2
By Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy

The aquatic ape theory has always been a favorite of mine ever since I saw the Creature from the Black Lagoon on channel 9. I love him, Aquaman, Namor, Abe Sapien and all things Atlantis. Snyder and Murphy ( two of the best in their fields) are working through this concept in a beautiful way, telling the tale in three different time periods, albeit the majority of it takes place in the present. Scientists are dealing with the discovery of a manlike sea creature, there are flashbacks to the aquatic sapiens’ original interaction with early man, and flash-forwards of what seems to be the ramifications of the present day meeting of man and creature. Check this one out, it’s a slow build, but so was American Vampire, Batman and Punk Rock Jesus; and look how those turned out.

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