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Threat Level – Wednesday! – wheeewee what a Wednesday!



THORGOT15_col-copyThor: God of Thunder #15
w. Jason Aaron
a. Ron Garney

Why?: Because one of the opening lines has the phrase “triple-jointed pleasure elves”. It’s cool out there concepts like that, just a little throw away line, that makes Aaron’s writing top-notch. He hooks you from word one, til you get to the end, and suddenly you like the little beggar kid from Oliver twist…. Please sir, can I have some more…

And to top it off you got Ron Garney, showing us the Nine Realms in all it’s glory. Trolls, Dwarves, Elves, Fairies, Gnomes and Giants are all present, and on the run from Malekith and his Dark Elf marauders tearing up their home lands. It’s up to Thor and the League of Realms (a team made of warriors from each of the nine realms) to stop him, if only they can get past the millennia of distrust festering between them. Thor knows the secret to bonding a team together, a trip to the local tavern. Watch as Thor drinks a giant under the table… see a dark elf killed by a candy cane (really that does happen!) marvel (tee hee) as Malekith slaughters a town from the back of bat-winged snow tiger. Ron Garney is slowly elevating the comic medium to a new level of art. This creative team works so well together it’s insane!  Even if you never read an issue of Thor before, you would enjoy this book immensely. If you’re a fan you’ll be smiling ear to ear by the end.

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Batman #25    batman_new_52_zero_year_cover
w. Scott Snyder
a. Greg Capullo

Why?: Because I hit my stride collecting comics in the nineties, and I’m a sucker for an all black cover. That, and I’ve been collecting it since issue one, and loving it. Even before Flashpoint, and the New 52, Snyder was making his mark on the Batman mythos, and this one will be a milestone in his career. Snyder and Capullo are in the process of creating a perfect companion piece to Miller’s Classic Year One, showing us the evolution of Bruce Wayne into Batman in the realm of the New 52, without stepping on the toes of Year One.  This arc has been full of cool bat-droppings (hey what would you call easter eggs in a Batman comic) from the beginning: Poison Ivy and the Riddler before they were villains, a younger Gordon teaming up with Bullock for the first time, Bruce Wayne with a flat top, tinkering with all his future bat-tech, and the GCPD response to Batman’s presence in the city, as well as its citizens.

All hell breaks loose in Gotham, after the Riddler cause a citywide blackout, which is promptly blamed on Batman by the corrupt higher-ups in the GCPD. Can Batman solve the mystery of the blackout and clear his name? How close does Gordon get to figuring out Wayne is Batman? and who the hell is Dr. Death and what’s he want with Gotham City? Tune in here folks, Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

SMWW_Cv2_cj7un7437p_Superman/Wonder Woman
w. Charles Soule
a. Tony Daniel

Why?: Uhm I don’t know, cuz it’s freaking awesome maybe! DC’s power couple (literally) having their own title together was a brilliant idea, and it’s being executed brilliantly. Soule captures the difference of a warrior amazons upbringing compared to a farmboy raised by a kindly couple perfectly, using thought balloons to express their feelings to the audience, while keeping the dialogue between the two real and un-forced. The art is great, Daniel has grown as artist and really knows how to lay down exciting scenes on a comic page. Oh and piece of advice… Do Not call Superman’s girlfriend a slut, even if you’re a Sun-God. And if you are a Sun-God, don’t blast the kryptonian solar battery that is her boyfriend with a concentrated beam of sunlight… It’s not going to do what you think it’s going to do. There are also advantages to dating an Amazon elevated to god-hood. Like, if the villain who killed you once comes back and you have to fight, she can always take you to her uncle Hephasteus, the Greek god of the forge and weapon-maker to the gods. I’m sure he’ll hook Kal up with something nifty. This book is chock full of great characters and characterization from both heroes mythos, and judging by the last page that number just increased by one… Generally speaking that is.

4 out of 5 Space monkeys


Wraith #1
w. Joe Hill
a. C.P. Wilson

Why?: Well I missed out on the whole Locke & Key bandwagon and never got a chance to catch up, so I figured I’d get in early on this one. Now I happened to grab The Cape:1969, not even realizing it was Joe Hill, I’ll get any comic that takes place in Vietnam (thanks Pop! Happy Veterens Day up there!) and dug his writing style. However, The Wraith was straight up horror, and it’s damn good horror. A few pages in and you know this is Stephen King’s son. the-wraith-welcome-to-christmasland-01-idw-comicsNot that it reads like a King novel, but you can see the influence on his style, like the Kubert brothers and father Joe, but with storytelling. The a quick google search led me to find out this is a prequel to one of Joe’s novels. So now I’m off to Barnes and Noble.
The twisted tale of Charlie Manx is fascinating, disturbing, scary and creepily funny. The art fits the mood of the book quite well, Wilson having a style like Bill Sienkiewicz inked over Richard Corben’s pencils. This looks like the start of horror series that will be actually horrifying for change. It will make you afraid of a place called Christmasland for gods’ sake! And check out the little nod to horror past, read the hearse’s license plate, it’s a giggler!

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


w. Matt Kindt
a. Doug Braithwaite

Why?: I spent the good chunk of the weekend doing this – Road to Unity – because I’ve been waiting for Unity since the first announcement of the Magnus-and-Solar-less Valiant Universe. In case you weren’t around during the hay-day of the original VU, Magnus and Solar were key players in the original Unity storyline, in fact it couldn’t have been done without them. So I clamored for a Unity title just to see how they would pull it off. And they picked the right team to do. Kindt is up to his usual antics of writing everything awesome, and Braithwaite is at top form. I’m not going to go into any details here… go buy the book, read it and see what a Class A title  this is. And it’s not like you don’t have a choice of covers to choose from……


5 out of 5 Space monkeys


Last Week’s Surprise Pick

starwars3The Star Wars
Dark Horse Comics
w. J.W. Rinzler
a. Mike Mayhew

Why?: Because I never thought this book would be as good as it is. Rinzler takes Lucas’ original story for Star Wars and presents it awesomely in comic form. As familiar as the story is, it’s starkly different. This issue R2D2 and C3-PO make their appearances for the first time, and get this.. R2 talks… I mean with words, not beeps. Not only that, Stormtroopers wield lightsabers, Luke is old and bearded, and Mike Mayhew makes Darth Vader even cooler than the original. Yeah I said it. Check him out and say I’m wrong. If you’re a Star Wars fan you can’t miss this book. It’s like nerd crack, but good for the brain!

361px-Darth_Vader_(New_Galactic_Empire)  mayhew-darth-vader-2

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