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Threat Level Wednesday – WhatchaReadin’ Puddin’?



Avengers-23-Cover-bf866_gallery_primaryAvengers #23
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Lenil Francis Yu

Rating: 4 out of 5 Space Monkeys!

Why?: Listen; If and when Hickman writes a bad story, I promise I’ll stop putting him on this list. But until then, either deal with it, or go read his stuff and see what I’m talking about. His Avengers and New Avengers tie ins to Infinity are written as sub chapters to the main Infinity mini series and fit in perfectly. Unlike most crossovers which just slap a banner across the top and vaguely touch on the main event, these past few months of Avengers titles are immersed in Infinity, neck-deep. Now you can just read Infinity and get the story, but reading Hickman’s own two tie in titles along side it…, well its like Inifinty HD. This issue showcases the initial salvo in the war to free Earth from Thanos’ control. Cap and the Avengers, after going through hell and back to free the world a conquered by the Builders throughout the galaxy, set there sights on liberating their home world from the Mad Titan and his even madder generals. Seems like a tall order, but not if you got a bunch of galactic empires owing you a favor. Superskrull, Ronan the Accuser, Gladiator, hell.. even Annihilus have the Avengers’ backs. This issue is the penultimate chapter to the classic in the making that is Infinity.


Daredevil_33_Cover-708x1024Daredevil #33
w. Mark Waid & Chris Samnee
a.  Jason Copland

Rating: 4 out of 5 Space Monkeys!

Why?:  Because Waid does cool stuff on this title, cool like teaming up Daredevil with Legion of Monsters on a mission to find the Darkhold, an ancient book of spells that’s been troubling the Marvel Universe for millennia. Daredevil wants it to stop whatever plans the white supremacist group, the Sons of the Serpent, have for it. The Legion wants it for the spells it contains that could wipe out monsters like themselves and others. Did someone say team-up? In the aptly titled “Monster Mash”, Waid keeps rolling on, taking DD from one grand adventure to the next, while, much like he does over on Indestructible Hulk, adds to the character and the Marvel universe in whole. Sometimes it grandiose, sometimes it simple. Take the Sons of the Serpent, villains in the MU for decades right? Well, which Serpent exactly are they supposed to be the Sons of??? Waid knows. And you can too for just $2.99. And what’s that DD has in his hip holster? A cure for cancer maybe???


Harley-Quinn-0-cover-revise_3er6zd05zv_Harley Quinn #0
w. Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
a. Conner, Cloonan, Daniel, Florea, Roux, Panosian, Simonson, Lee, Williams, Timm, Adlard, Hughes, Balthazar, Moore, Johnson, Roberts, Keith, Cooke, & Hardin (whew)

Rating: 5 out of 5 Space Monkeys!

Why?: Because the only thing Funnier then Harley in this book, was the writers and the artists. As our darling Harley mulls over her life inside a storage unit, drinking some whiskey and talking to a stuffed chipmunk, she comes across a few short boxes of comics.
She starts to wonder what her life would be like as a comic character, the fourth wall broken she finds herself having a conversation with Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Connor (or the Cowboy Guy and the Artist Who Draws Big Boobs, as they are known to stuffed chipmunks) about who would be the artist.
What happens next is 20 pages of hilarity that set the book as precisely on the edge of ridiculousness as you can get, and keeps it all grounded in the mind of a crazy woman. Bravo!
Maybe after reading this issue, people will see the tone Jimmy and Amanda were setting up for the upcoming regular series, and realize maybe just maybe, they took the “suicide art contest” news a little to seriously.
(*Check out this link to see a nice roundtable discussion between the staff over here at whatchareading…. Oh what’s that I smell?? Is that vindication in the air?)
Every page of this book is awesome. Not only do you get a glimpse into the adorable insanity that is Harley Quinn as she runs amok imagining herself redesigned by the some of the top artists in the field, the artists and writers make fun of themselves. And it’s hysterical. Everything, from keeping a monthly schedule to drawing backgrounds, from a certain artists preference for redheads to Jim Lee’s royalty payments is on the table.
This was an A+ effort for everyone involved. Go buy it, and buy one for your girlfriend as well.
Jimmy, Amanda… I’m sorry for all the internet crap that got tossed your way and the ridiculous witch hunt you had to put up with. Thanks for making me laugh out loud while reading a comic. Keep ’em comin’ guys!


EW_003_VARIANT_ROSSMOEternal Warrior #3
w. Greg Pak
a. Trevor Hairsine & Diego Bernard

Rating: 4 out of 5 Space Monkeys!

Why?:  Because this creative team is so perfect for the Eternal Warrior it makes reading it an adventure in itself. We learn more about the Eternal Warrior’s daughter Xaran, and what she did for the House of the Wild as favorite Sword to the God of the Wild, while her and Pops bond over gun and ammo shopping.
Now on the run from her fellow Swords, the two Eternal Warriors head to the only one that might know how to help: the Geomancer, the earth magicians Gilad has sworn to protect. So why is Gilad holding a gun to his head then??
What is he keeping secret from them? And does Gilad have any other immortal children he should be keeping an eye on???  Eternal Warrior reads like a smartly written cross between Conan and the Punisher, with art gritty and explosive as the subject matter.


22438Buzzkill #3
Dark Horse Comics
w. Donny Cates and Mark Reznicek
a. Geoff Shaw

Rating: 4 out of 5 Space Monkeys!

Why?: Because the idea of a character who has vast superpowers, but only if he’s piss drunk or high as kite, is just too good to pass up. Add in the fact that he hung up his cape and joined AA and you got a book that’s dying to be read. As campy as that might sound, the book deals with  some heavy stuff, using  superpowers as a real problem akin to addiction, with all the same effects on friends, family, relationships and jobs (if your job is being a superhero) that come with being an addict.
This issue has Ruben completing some steps in the program with a little help from his super powered sponsor, with each step putting more stress on Ruben than he can possibly handle: kicked off a superteam, betrayed by a friend, crapped on by an ex.. Couldn’t it get any worse? The last page revelation of how Ruben got his powers is enough to make any one drink !!

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