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Threat Level Wednesday – The Forever Infinity Battle of the Evil Atom!


Disclaimer: Due to stupid Labor day messing up my comic shops delivery schedule, this week’s TLW will be lacking current issue information as I was unable to get my books early enough to read and review them. But I’m going to tell you what I’m getting anyway:


BATTLE-OF-ATOM-1-600x923 XMenBattleOfTheAtom_1_Cover

X-men: Battle of the Atom #1
w. Brian Michael Bendis’
a. Frank Cho

Why?: Because I’m a crossover time travel junkie, and want to see if this starting point for a X-title wide crossover will be cool enough to get me to get the parts that come out in the x books I don’t get. (I get Legacy, Wolverine and the X-Men and Cable and X-Force). A somewhat erstwhile sequel to Days of Future Past, this crossover deals with x-descendants traveling back in time to deal with a threat with the current X-Men as well as those that came from the past. Yes I have a headache now too.


Infinity #2
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Jerome Opena & Dustin Weaver

Why?:  Read the opening sentence in the review above. Plus, with all the hype behind it, Infinity succeeded in living up to it. Hickman throws around cosmic concepts, nefarious designs, and outright action like a 2-year-old on a sugar high. Opena and Weaver both have that darkly Sci-Fi art style that keeps pace with Hickman’s script, and flashy enough to rank a second glance right after you read it, to catch-all the stuff you missed.



Forever Evil #1
w. Geoff Johns
a. David Finch

Why?: Because after the spectacularly clever ending to the Trinity War, the true face of evil was revealed. The Outsider sprung his trap revealing Pandora’s Box to be a portal to earth 3, the birthplace of multiverse-spanning evil, and its worst has come to earth. Too bad the Leagues have been defeated and are in ruins. The Crime Syndicate is here, and the Society works for them! *

owlman Forever-Evil-1-Superwoman-Variant-by-Ivan-Reis-and-Joe-Prado crimemaster


* addendum: Villains month starts as well with DC’s Villains taking center stage in special Point issues. Check out (What’cha Eviling? Bob’s Guide to DC’s Forever Evil) for a break down on the whole shebang. Personally I’m itching to get at that Joker Story, followed by a dose of Darkseid.


dcheman1 dcheman2

D.C. vs The Masters if the Universe #1
w. Keith Giffen
a. Dexter Soy

Why?: Because ever since I got DC Comics Presents #47 in a quarter bin, I’ve been waiting for a Supes/He-man rematch. With the MoTU cast arriving in the New 52 DC earth this time instead of just Superman wandering into Eternia, this one is definitely taking it up a notch. And who better than stellar scribe Keith Giffen to helm this classic clash of universes. With Dexter Soy’s vibrant near-manga style backing up Giffen’s words and thoughts, I predict this will be a nice sleeper hit- ‘oh snap! He-man’s fighting Superman ?!?! ‘ -will be heard throughout Comic shops around the world !


GodisDead1 GodisDead1EndofDays

God is Dead #1
Avatar Comics
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Di Amorim

Why?: Hickman. Hickman. Hickman. Always impresses, even more so on his creator owned projects. So when I hear tell he’s writing a story on Gods returning to earth to deal with the cock up humanity made of it, I’m in!

Last Week’s Surprise Pick:

redlantern 23

Red Lantern #23
DC comics
w. Charles Soule
a. Alessandro Vitti

Why?: because Soule kept his promise of giving this title a Sons of Anarchy like feel, with Guy Gardner getting over his head as an undercover Green Lantern working among the Reds (he kinda almost murdered Atrocitus and by doing so assumed the mantle of leadership). Now he’s just found out through secret communications with Hal Jordan (who sent him into deep cover in the first place) that his one hope of purging the Red Lantern energy from his system, the Blue Lantern Corp, has been wiped out by Relic (see other GL books). Oh and he just got found out by Bleez, and she’s been looking to take over the Reds since she got a ring! And does any of it make a difference now that Atrocities has bonded with the Butcher; the Red Lantern’s avatar of power?

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