Threat Level: WEDNESDAY! - Superman/Wonder Woman #13 - Spectacular New Creative Team! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level: WEDNESDAY! – Superman/Wonder Woman #13 – Spectacular New Creative Team!


Superman/Wonder Woman #13
DC Comics
w. Peter Tomasi
a. Doug Mahnke

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Because any title that has an & or a / in it denotes a relationship of some sort. And there is no one more suited to writing the complex dynamics of superheroic relationships than master storyteller Peter Tomasi. This is the man who helped shape The Green Lantern universe alongside Geoff Johns.  From Rebirth to Blackest Night, through Brightest Day and Flashpoint up to his and Johns departure from the GL titles, Tomasi has help craft the DC universe as a whole.

His run on Batman & Robin has been nothing but epic, defining Damian as Wayne as a character and developing a believable distant father/ wayward son relationship, wile maintaining a breakneck action superhero story at the same time. And who better to pencil the book starring two of DC’s Trinity than Doug Mahnke. Not only is he a studiomate of Tomasi’s Batman & Robin cohort Patrick Gleason, he has worked with Tomasi before on the very under rated Pre-New 52 Black Adam: Dark Age mini-series, a well as having record runs on Green Lantern and Justice League of America, Teaming with Morrison on Superman 3D, and Final Crisis. This book is destined to be a classic.
Opening with a flashback to Darkseid’s invasion and the DC’s power couples first meeting ( remember…way back in Justice League #1-6 ), Tomasi quickly reminds us of the differences between the Amazon-Princess-Demi-Goddess-Warrior and the Alien-Super-Power-turned-Kansas-Farm-Boy, and then effortlessly jumps forward to the present, showing us how far the two have come while Diana and Clark get ready for a date. The differences are still there of course, but worked through in the normal comings and goings of a steady relationship,with the right smidge of superhero stuff to remind us who they are. Clark using his powers to quickly clean a shirt, Diana berating him for using a type writer and taking to long. They fly off together on their date. You know…all the stuff you and your lover would do if you had superpowers. Don’t lie!
But the story shifts into action mode pretty damn quick. Atomic Skull and Major Disaster ( two perennial DC villains ) get the New 52 treatment, and show up just in time…to ruin Clark and Diana’s date night! While Clark keeps giving away taxi’s to elderly couples, this Dastardly Duo of D-List Destruction attacks the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. Major Disaster (who, thankfully keeps his cool superhero look from Mahnke’s run on the Pre-52 JLA and JL: Elite ) uses hurricanes, hail and other disasters to keep Supes and Wondy busy, while Atomic Skull ( now with all new Nuke Puke! ) steals the cooling rods from the plants reactor…and then eats them?? Its clear the two are working for someone, but who set these two up as partners? And what’s their greater goal? While were asking questions…. who the hell is Wonderstar, an why is he so upset that Superman and Wonderwoman were getting a beat down?
Get on board now, before the Tomasi/Mahnke Express passes you by!!!!!

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