Threat Level Wednesday- So Long JRJR, Hello Bat-Cow and whats up Earth 3!




Captain America #10
w. Rick Remender
a. John Romita Jr.

Why?: I know, I know … This is on here all the time. Well it’s that damn good of a book. I’ll stop pushing it once I get a response to a Cap review that says “gee Bob, you were right.. This was the best Cap run in years, thanks for recommending it ” . With Remender’s Dimension Z arc coming to a close, Cap’s world is changed forever as he, Sharon Carter, and Jet Black wage a desperate last-ditch attempt to stop Arnim Zola invading earth and spreading his Zola Viral consciousness amongst the masses. Let’s just say, not everybody makes it back! Also who is the mysterious warrior called Nomad who appears in the epilogue? You’d know if you read the book! Plus, it’s John Romita Jr. last issue as regular artist. It’s sad to see you go man, sad to see you go.


Thanos_Rising_Vol_1_5_TextlessThanos Rising #5
w. Jason Aaron
a. Simone Bianchi

Why?: Because Aaron and Bianchi are bringing their soon-to-be-classic miniseries to a close, just in time to show us all why Thanos is truly a force to be reckoned with in this years Infinity event. Aaron truly explores the Mad in ┬áthe Mad Titan this issue. Is the Death Thanos loves and worships really there? Or is it all in his head? Does it matter???? Bianchi’s rich detail really hits home as we see the result of Thanos’ first planetary attack, and the depths of the hatred he has for his own people, including his father. This has been a perfect addition to the Thanos mythos.

D.C. Comics


Justice League #23
w. Geoff Johns
a. Ivan Reis

Why?: Okay really, I know, but like Cap being on this list a lot, there is a reason the Trinity War is always there. Its Awesome! This final chapter (and lead in to next month’s Forever Evil event) it’s so full of amazing scenes, I don’t really know where to start or how not to spoil. Hm… Let’s just say you get to see everyone versus John Constantine, you find out the box is not a box but a doorway, and not magic but science based, the leader of the Society is revealed, and the Outsider’s identity will shock you (unless you know your Silver Age Stuff) and a dimensional breach that brings some familiar, yet new villains to our earth (I’ll give you a hint… Their hearts are on the right side of their bodies…)


Batman Inc. Special #1
w. & a. Various

Why?: Honestly, it’s just nice to see all the wacky bat characters Morrison used in his Incorporated run get a chance to wrap things up and spotlighted for a change. I’m also a sucker for Jam books and this has some nice talent attached to it. C’mon it has a Bat-Cow story dude! Bat-Cow!

Last Week’s Surprise Hit:


Batman and Nightwing # 23
DC comics
w. Peter Tomasi
a. Patrick Gleason

Why?: Because Tomasi and Gleason have done more for the character of Damian then Morrison ever did, and the past few team up issues (various Bat allies filling in for Robin in the title) dealt with the ramifications of Damian’s death on a personal level. In this issue, Bruce over uses a Virtual Reality machine, reliving the moments of Damian’s death, to see if there was anyway he could have saved him. A lesson is learned when Nightwing jacks in to aid Bruce in his twisted self therapy. But what nearly had me in tears was Alfred jacking in by himself, reliving the moment when he could have stopped Damian from leaving the manor on the night of his death. For all those naysayers about Damian, here you’ll see the love the creators had for a character reflected in both the art and writing. Bravo gentlemen, Bravo!

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