Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!!! Secret Wars #0 & #1 Reviews...complete with DEATH-LIST!!!!! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!!! Secret Wars #0 & #1 Reviews…complete with DEATH-LIST!!!!!


Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!!!  Secret Wars #0 & #1 Reviews...complete with DEATH-LIST!!!!!

FCBD Secret Wars #0
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Paul Renau

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Illuminati_(Earth-616)_from_Infinity_Vol_1_1_001Why? Because if you haven’t been following the cosmic tapestry that is Jonathan Hickman’s career at Marvel, and now you feel intimidated by Secret Wars, have no fear Valeria Richards is here!!  Val explains to the Future Foundation (Franklin, Alex Powers, Bentley, Dragon Man and the Moloids), and through some brilliant exposition, the reader as well, why she has had them working on separate secret projects.

They are building a space ark, The Life Raft, to save some of humanity from the final Incursion. With all the alternate Marvel Universes now destroyed, there are only 2 left. The Marvel 616 and The Ultimate Universe. And only one shall survive!!!!

Incursions! Illuminati!!  The Cabal!!!  All explained here, orrrrr….you can go back and read all these:

tumblr_mlrwgwkFTj1r779gqo6_1280Hickman has built on this concept since his first day on the job at Marvel, and reading a Zero issue brief recap does not do this magnum opus any justice. I implore, nay! …demand!  you read his complete Marvel works. Between the epicness of the story he crafts and the artistic talent he draws. ( Deodato, Ribic, Yu,Epting, Walker, Cheung, Opena, and More!)

It’s worth every cent….and your brain will thank you for it. If it doesn’t explode first.
4224908-secret_wars_1 (1)

Secret Wars #1
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Esad Ribic

5 out 5 Space Monkeys

Why? Because,  well, uhm…. see all of the above! That plus re-teaming Hickman with Ribic, is pure genius, the team who put the Ultimate back in the Ultimate Universe gets a chance to once again play in that sandbox, and set loose its creations on the 616 universe.
secret_wars__0_by_paulrenaud-d8s4xs8The Ultimate Reed Richards, who self evolved himself and a sentient city and its genetically enhanced population 1000 years ahead of current technology and genetic manipulation is now known as the Maker. Like his 616 counterpart, he is well aware of the Incursions and has slaughtered alternate Earths left and right, while pretending to work for the Ultimate Nick Fury and SHIELD. Convincing Fury the only way the Earth that survives is to strike hard and strike fast. Reluctantly agreeing, Nick Fury launches a full scale attack, helicarrier armada and all against the 616. But what is the Cabal, natives of the 616, doing standing by the Makers side???

As the Ultimate Invasion force begins its attack, the 616ers are not without protection: nearly every Avenger, X-Men, Inhuman, Guardian of the Galaxy and Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Iron Fist and Cage meet them head on in a battle of epic proportions. Meanwhile Reed, Sue, and the Black Panther coordinate teams of remaining Avengers and X-Men in the effort to save some remnants of humanity aboard the Life Raft, a feat hoping to be accomplished by using Manifold’ s space/time manipulation powers in a dangerous way.
Secret-Wars-2-600x923When Colossus, Doc Green and She Hulk use a variation of the Fastball Special to take out the Triskelion, hindering Fury’ s command of the Ultimate forces, all seems lost. But the Maker has a last minute Hail Mary that not only turns the tide of the battle, but leads to the death and devastation throughout the 616’s ranks. ( If your too lazy to read it your self, but want the gory details, see the spoiler filled Death List below) See what guided evolution does to superhuman war engines!!!

So much coolness!!!!!

And there’s more!

What are Doom, Dr.Strange and the Molecule Man planning when they confront the Beyonders???

What the hell is Cyclops doing with that Phoenix Egg???

How big did you grin when the Punisher decided to clean house???

Judging from the eerily silent last page…. this is just the beginning!

Get on board now folks, the Marvel Universe has ended. Long live Battleworld !


Spoiler Alert –  Spoiler Alert – Spoiler Alert



Countless Civilians, SHIELD agents ( both 616 and Ultimate ) and Personnel

Black Bolt – killed by Maker’s forces

Absorbing Man Scorpion
& 18 other unseen villains

– Murdered by Punisher at underground End of World Party

Black Widow
Spider Woman
– killed in ship transporting humans to Life Raft
Rocket Raccoon
– killed by Maker’s ground forces
Invisible Woman
Human Torch
Franklin Richards
– Lost in Inter Dimensional Rift after Life Raft heavily damaged


Stay Tuned for further Secret Wars Updates!

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