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Threat Level Wednesday – Reviews here! Get em while there hot!



mksp2Marvel Knights: Spiderman #2
w. Matt Kindt
a. Marco Rudy


Because I really miss Peter Parker…. Nahhhh. It’s because its written by comics latest golden boy Matt Kindt, which was the only reason I bought the first issue. But then I was knocked silly by the art. Marco Rudy does a great job of depicting a hallucinating Spiderman fighting, first most of Marvel’s monster characters last issue, and now some of his own classic villains. The panel arrangements he pulls off on this pages are pure eye candy, up there with JH Williams III, using spiderlegs to make panels, hallucinatory Spidey Safety pamphlets on how to fight villains ( hey if Sandman’s got ya trapped in his body just reach down and grab something….. sensitive -ahem- ) and an awesome trapped-in-a-plane-with-Mysterio-Sandman-Hydroman-and-Shocker-battle that you have to read twice to catch-all the nuances of his art.
Highly recommended.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Amazing_X-Men_Vol_2_1_Manara_VariantAmazing X-men #1
w. Jason Aaron
a. Ed McGuiness

Why?: Well, due to certain issues I have with a certain writer, Jason Aaron’s Wolverine and the X-Men is really the only X-men team book I read and enjoy on a monthly basis. 3191564-amazingxmen_1_coverSomething about his writing reminds me of Claremont’s early Xmen of my youth. Maybe it’s because there back at school, maybe it’s because one adventure leads to the next with no ruminating between. Or maybe its just that there not just standing around talking about doing stuff, but actually doing it ( while learning useful stuff in Mutant-centric classes ). Anyway, this book is a fun read, Aaron keeps his cool snappy writing up to par, and segues nicely from his work in Wolverine and the Xmen, but it keeps a freshness that anyone can jump into it without being too lost. McGuiness skews the norm for artists and draws the quintessential Nightcrawler. No redesign for his return , no long hair, missing eye or cybernetic part. Just good ol’ Elf. Well done Mr. McGuiness. This one Xmen adventure I can’t wait to continue reading.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Forever-Evil-3-Variant-A-by-EVS  FEVIL_Cv3_ds-610x938

Forever Evil #3
w. Geoff Johns
a. David Finch

Why?: Like you have to ask. This mini is the event of the century for DC, and nobody can pull it off better than the team of Johns and Finch. Lex Luthor continues to build a resistance force against the Crime Syndicate. Freeing Bizarro from stasis last issue, his ranks swell with a powerless Captain Cold ( Deathstorm and Power Ring really mess up the Rogues, and ties perfectly into the last page of FE: Rogues Rebellion seamlessly ), a vengeful Black Manta, and a beaten down Black Adam ( Ultra-man shows us how to stop Black Adam from saying Shazam ) and the whereabouts of our missing Justice Leagues are revealed. A nice issues that moves the Forever Evil story along at the breakneck speed it started with. Oh and Batman is pisssssssed!

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

EARTH2_Cv17_f8kuicoufo_Earth2 #17
w. Tom Taylor
a. Nicola Scott

Because I’ve been following this book and loving it since day one. Yeah I’m sad to see James Robinson leave, but not sad enough to drop the book. Especially with the ever talented Nicola Scott staying on board, and Tom Taylor, writer of Injustice:Gods Among Us joining her. Yes, the guy who wrote the comic adaptation of the best-selling video game about a dystopic world under thumb of an evil Superman is now writing about…. well actually… hmmm.



Well in any case.. It’s a different dystopic world…and a different evil Superman. Taylor gracefully takes over from Robinson in a way that you wouldn’t know if you didn’t see his name on the cover. The revelation of the Red Tornado’s personality implant was a nice surprise ( and spoiled on other sites ), I’ll give you a few hints though: They are close to Superman, and have L.L. for initials…. No not that one, the other one..noooo…..the other one.


4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


GodisDead3-600x910 GodisDead3EndofDays-600x910 GodIsDead3Pantheon

God is Dead #3
w. Jonathan Hickman & Mike Costa
a. Di Amorim

Why?: Because I’d read Hickman’s shopping list if he’d let me. Seriously, it be better than yours and it’ll have all sorts of graphs and diagrams accompanied with it.
God is Dead is him and Mike Costa using Avatar for what the company is known for: larger than life violence. Literally this time. The Gods have carved up the earth, which already sucks for humanity, but now they are at war… So it gets worse. But never fear! A group of rebellious scientist and engineers have a plan. After performing an autopsy a dead god’s body, they’re gonna build one of their own!

3 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Drumhellar #1Drum_01_CVR_A_FINAL
w. Riley Rossmo & Alex Link
a. Riley Rossmo

Why?: Because the name sounded cool, the cover had some neat hidden symbols and lately, I’m always down for something new from Image. This one though, whew…
It opens with a guy in a robe, getting struck by lightning by waving a golf club around in a storm. He then watches a peacock rise from a puddle, lay an egg and fly away. He pulls the egg from the puddle and looks through the gap to see a perfectly nice day somewhere far away, with a windowless house in a field.
And then it gets weird.
The characterization is great, as the characters appear to be in the middle of some stuff we apparently missed, and already have fully formed relationships. I actually double checked to see if I grabbed issue #2 by mistake.
This book is too strange not to collect, just to see where it goes. Full of crazy concepts like pink ghost kittens, a bog man named Bogdan, and the main character getting bit by a bisexual werewolf who is dating one of his ex’s, who in turn dated another of his ex’s.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

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