Threat Level Wednesday - Pre-NYCC Jitters? Here's the Cure! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level Wednesday – Pre-NYCC Jitters? Here’s the Cure!




Infinity #4
w. Hickman
a. Opena & Weaver

Why?: This is the best Marvel event book since Secret Wars and a classic in the making. Hickman continues to take the Avengers to new, cosmic-y heights and alters the entire Marvel Universe in this pivotal issue of the miniseries. Blackbolt’s scream not only destroyed Thanos’ army and the City of Attilan, it activated a weapon that will have far-reaching consequences for not just all of humanity, but a certain Son of Thanos, who sees his true heritage revealed. Meanwhile Cap’s big plan to save the space bound Avengers and their Galactic council allies is to have Thor….kneel and surrender????? WTF? Opena and Weaver don’t miss a beat alternating between the two plots, and its beautiful to watch, from the Thanos vs. Black Bolt super epic battle of the millennium, to the excellent reminder that the God of Thunder is never truly unarmed!

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys!


thorgot2012014_covThor: God of Thunder #14
w. Jason Aaron
a. Ron Garney

Because Malekith is back! (just in time to see Dark World!) That and Ron Garney’s out of this nine worlds art draws me to this title like Volstagg to a pie. When the Dark Elf threatens the Nine Worlds, the Nine Worlds responds in kind. Who are Screwbeard, Ud, Oggy, Sir Ivory Honeyshot, and Lady Waziria?
Their Thor’s new teammates; the League of Realms, and there ready to take Malekith down, or die trying! Aaron’s Thor is one of the best Marvel Now! titles and continues to be as strong as it was in the start.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys!



Forever Evil: Arkham War #1 w. Peter Tomasi a. Scott Eaton

Why?: Just look at the cover , every Bat-Villain is on the loose thanks to the Crime Syndicate releasing them from Arkham and Blackgate. And I do mean Every! With Gotham carved into sections by various villains, the GCPD overwhelmed and undermanned and Batman presumed dead, who will step in to maintain order? None other than Bane himself. With a deal from the Secret Society, he might just have the upper hand. I mean really, think what Bane can do with an army of Talons….. All that setting up in the Villain’s Month one shots reaches it climax here… War comes to Gotham..

3 out of 5 Space Monkeys!


Superman/WonderWoman #1
w. Charles Soule
a. Tony Daniel

Why?: Look, say what you want about the New 52 relaunch, this one thing they definitely got right! The Supes/WW dating dynamic is a great one, with much more room for depth and stories than he could ever have with Lois. (c’mon we all saw Clerks! ) Soule does a nice balancing act of relationship/action, both of which are dramatically rendered by Daniel, showing his stint as a writer has only made him a better storyteller. With a spectacular wrap around cover and the return of Superman’s most deadly foe(I’ll give you a hint, he may have or might not have at sometime, someway , in the past 5 years killed Superman… We think) this is a great first issue to what promises to be a fun series.

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys!

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Three #1 Image Comics $3.99 w. Kieron Gillen a. Ryan Kelly

Why?: To prove to myself I was right that this book was going to rock! And I did. It’s great. An erstwhile sequel to Frank Miller’s 300.. well I guess I should say ancient Sparta’s 300, it serves two purposes:

1. Its a good action packed read, with Kelly’s art catching the time period, and a nice individual look to each character with a nice gritty style.

And more importantly …..

2. You learn stuff. Gillen did aloooott of research for this book and it shows. You learn about a whole class of people they never covered in school, and would have been a burden to Hollywood directors. A caste of people lower than slaves and their struggle to survive under Spartan rule is serious subject matter and it is treated so here.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys!


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