Threat Level Wednesday - Partially Interrupted by Sons of Anarchy! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level Wednesday – Partially Interrupted by Sons of Anarchy!




Mighty Avengers #1
w. Al Ewing
a. Greg Land

Why?: Because collecting six Avengers titles wasn’t enough! I grabbed it because of it’s Infinity tie and it is a #1.When I started reading I was slightly confused cuz this looked a lot like a Heroes for Hire book rather than an Avengers book. Especially since it has two Powermen, and a White Tiger, oh.. and they refer to themselves as the Heroes for Hire. But alas Thanos’ invasion of earth messes everything up (as Thanos’ invasions are prone to do) and after two members quit, a new member with a new name joins, Superior Spidey shows up, and someone in shadow dons a knock off Spidey outfit and grabs some Nun-Chucks, a new Avengers team is born. Sort of. Ewing captures all the various characters spot on, and Greg Land’s art and storytelling skills keep improving.

3 1/2 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Infinity: The Hunt #1
w. Matt Kindt
a. Steven Sanders

Why?: because the voices tell me I must collect all crossover mini series, I must. Or at least try the first issue and make a judgment call. I’m still on the fence on this one, but I trust Matt Kindt.
In The Hunt, super powered students from schools around the world (i.e. the Jean Grey School, Avengers Academy, the Future Foundation, etc.) gather to participate in a Olympic like event now called The Contest of Champions. As the students are introduced (the Lion’s share of the issue), the invasion of earth has begun. Kindt shows a commanding knowledge of current Marvel continuity and characterization. Sander’s art is crisp and clean, reminiscent of a brighter Sean Philips. I’ll give the next issue a quick glance before I commit.

3 out of 5 Space Monkeys


jl lobo   new lobo

Justice League #23.2 Lobo
w. Marguerite Bennet
a. Ben Oliver & Cliff Richards

Why?: Because I love comics that piss people of, and this one almost broke the internet with it’s Lobo redesign and the knowledge that this new Lobo is the real Lobo, and the big hairy biker Simon Bisley wet dream we all know and love is an imposter. For all you naysayers, Bennet sets up a good dark space story, rendered nicely by the sketchy styles of Oliver and Richards. This isn’t Lobo Light at all, New Lobo is a ruthless and deadly as the old one, just seems smarter, cleaner and better dressed. This is very similar to the change in Marvel’s Drax The Destroyer, from giant hulk like buffoon to deadly Riddick like killing machine.

And let’s not forget two things:

1. Lobo is a Czarnian. Czarnian grow clones from a single drop of blood. (this power was taken away from the 90s Lobo by Vril Dox). So it’s way possible for there to be more than one Lobo

2. This Lobo is closer in design to his original appearances in issues of Omega Men and LEGION:

loboiconic5 loboiconic6 orig lobo

4 out 5 Space Monkeys


Batman and Robin #23.2 Court of Owls
w. James Tynion IV
a. Jorge Lucas

Why?: Because Talon, by James Tynion has got to be tops on my list of good books people aren’t getting. Team him with the hauntingly shadowed work of Jorge Lucas and you get the perfect one shot. Taking place in Gotham during the chaos of Forever Evil. An Owl tells tales of Gotham’s past to his child, while escorting her into the bowels of their secret headquarters, searching for a secret weapon to save Gotham from the evil that has descended on a Batman-less city. Who or what is… The First Talon???

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys



Sons of Anarchy #1
Boom Studios
a. Christopher Golden
w. Damian Couceiro

Why?: Do really have to ask? It’s why I’m rushing through this article, to catch the damn première! The book was good, taking place almost a season ago show-wise, and picking up after important scenes that newbies won’t quite understand, but fans of the show would recall instantly. Golden captures the heart of each character pretty quickly, and the same can be said for Couceiro’s art. While not photo-likeness in style, you know who everyone is at first glance. This looks to be a nice missing chapter in Samcro’s story that will do the show justice.


4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Last Week’s Surprise Hit


Justice League of America #7.1 Deadshot
DC Comics
w. Matt Kindt
a. Basri & Champagne

Why?: Because Kindt made me care about Deadshot for the first time ever. It was a startling deep story for a cold hearted assassin. You can check out my recap and review of this issue and my top 5 DC Villains Month issues here:

(Bob’s Deadshot review)

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