Threat Level Wednesday - Or like they call it at D.C. - Ladies night!! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level Wednesday – Or like they call it at D.C. – Ladies night!!



Supergirl #26SG_Cv26_vo8lj1us9f_

w. Tony Bedard
a. Yildiray Dinar

3 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Because I enjoyed the previous run on this title and totally trust Bedard to handle her well. Also it’s the first mainstream appearance of the new Lobo, who I love just cause he sent fanboys into apoplexy when his design was released. This issue opens with New Lobo on the hunt for his imposter, old Lobo, who he was told was on earth by an informant. After being threatened with dismemberment, Lobo’s informant gives him the name and location of Dr. Shay Veritas. Dr. Veritas is a super-scientist with a base in the center of the earth and could possibly know the location of his imposter. She also happens to be  good friends with a set of Kryptonian cousins, one of which just happens to be visiting when Lobo shows up. After all she’s been through, how will Kara react to being threatened by Lobo? Not very well judging by the last page.
Bedard hits the ground running, giving us enough outer space action, but showing Kara’s still growing as a character by her interactions with Dr. Veritas and Lobo. I don’t know what long-term plans there are for Lobo, but this is a good start for the mystery the New 52 Lobo’s origin story and the eventual meeting up of the new and old Main Men. It’s also a good jumping on point for new readers who might just grab it for the Lobo appearance, as it gives a nice run down, via a two page spread, of what Kara’s been up to for the past 25 issues.

harleycv1r1tk051e3bb3jpg-e96a35Harley Quinn #1
w. Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner
a. Chad Hardin

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?:  How could I not! A solo Harley series is such a good idea its ridiculous. And after last months awesomely hysterical zero issue I was hooked. Free of the Joker and off the yoke of the Suicide Squad, Harley felt a little adrift. Until she inherited a four story building in Brooklyn, complete with a Freak Show storefront, renting tenants and a penthouse complete with roof access. Oh, she also inherited all the back taxes and debts that came with it,what’s a psychotic, albino villainess with two toned hair and a penchant for violence to do? Get a job of course! Her first interview, at a Assisted hqvLiving Clinic for a therapist position goes well, especially when she tones down her (ahem)..look. The second one seems a little more suited to her her more extreme personality, roller derby girl for a Brooklyn based Roller Derby team. Palmiotti and Connor play up her duality well, showing the more human sides of Harleen Quinzel peeking through the Harley Quinn shell, especially that opening scene that will make any dog lover smile! Hardin’s work is top notch, dynamic layouts and nice rendering help him get across the comedy without making the book goofy in its presentation. This is gonna be a book to watch in the coming year! Well done folks!



Wonder Woman #26
w. Brian Azzarello
a. Goran Sudzuka

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?:  As long as Azzarello keeps up his myth-making, genre-colliding storylines, I’ll keep reading them. Cassandra, daughter of Zeus, is looking for the FirstBorn, her brother. And is not beyond committing some heinous acts to find him, including torturing her step-brother, the sightless kindhearted Milan. But, Milan has friends in high places, very high places. When Wonder Woman and Orion come to his rescue, more questions are raised then answered. Why does Cassandra want the FirstBorn so badly? Where does she get technology that can harm a New God? Where did Zola and Zeke go??? I love the God-centric path this titles has been on since issue one, and enjoyed Diana’s evolution, as well as that of her steady cast of godly supporting characters. This book is consistently good month to month.


Uncanny Avengers #15Uncanny_Avengers_Vol_1_15_Textless
w. Rick Remender
a. Steve McNiven

Why?: Because big things are a happening over here in Uncanny Avengers, and I don’t just mean McNiven’s return on art duty.
As of last issue Rogue, Wonder Man and Scarlet Witch are dead. Now the Apocalypse Twins’ two fold plan is in full affect.  Using the Scarlet Witch’s final spell, empowered by the ionic energy that was once Wonder Man, the Twins have begun teleporting mutants from around the world to their space ark, where stasis tubes await the unsuspecting new prisoners. Remember way back, when the Twins stole Thor’s Axe and murdered a Celestial? Well the Celestials do. And they sent Exitar the Executioner to exact revenge! Did the Twins just save the mutant race only to destroy Earth??? Where the hell is Kang when you need him?? Remender has some big plans for the future of this title and it all starts here!



Black Science #2
w. Rick Remender
a. Matteo Scalera

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Because ever so often, a writer with an insane imagination is paired with an artist that can convey his story in way that elevates the initial idea to a higher form. And that my friends, is exactly what Black Science is.
Matteo Scalera, or the Italian Sean Murphy, as he’s known inside my head, uses his dark shadowy layouts and his ability to express mood and tone through facial expressions to tell Remender’s bleak science-gone-wrong tale of scientist lost in space time perfectly. Each panel is loaded with details, both simple additions that make the characters look like real people, or complex details when it comes to tech and backgrounds.
Grant McKay, and his Anarchist League of Scientists are trapped in an alternate dimension, in the middle of a war between turn of the century Germans and a coalition of highly advanced Native American tribes, who have advanced from their dark unknown continent to lay waste to Europe in their giant mechanized warships. With the Pillar, the device used to transport them from dimension to dimension, now damaged thanks to sabotage, it’s up to Grant to repair it and save his crew and children. Too bad a German soldier just ran him through with a bayonet.
Its only the second issue, so climb aboard this freight train to sci fi coolness before it’s too late


Eternal Warrior #4
w. Greg Pak
a. Trevor Hairsine & Diego Bernard

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Just look at this Lewis LaRosa cover and tell me you aren’t the least bit interested:


Besides that, its the thrilling conclusion to the Eternal Warrior’s first arc and it looks like a doozy. Teamed with his daughter Xaran, Gilad must take on the House of the Wheel, an army of earth worshipers armed with swords. Luckily,the father and daughter immortals brought a few guns to a knife fight! If they fail, the demon lord Nergal’s legions will be loosed upon the earth, led by their general Mitu, a warrior who has been in the service of death for six thousand years. He’s also the Eternal Warriors long thought dead son. And you though you had family problems!

This issue comes with a Valiant Signature Series Variant, featuring original Valiant Vet and Eternal Warrior artist Mark Moretti:


Last Week’s Surprise Pick

SONS_OF_ANARCHY_4Son’s of Anarchy #4
Boom Studios
w. Christopher Golden
a.  Damian Couciero

Why?: Because the season finale left a hole in my heart, ( but it gave me an extra two hours on a Tuesday night, that could be put to better use, like I don’t know, reviewing comics and getting my editor off my back! ) which I guess is better than a fork to the head! ( what! too soon???)

 But it gave me an extra two hours on a Tuesday night, that could be put to better use, like.. I don’t know, reviewing comics and getting my editor off my back! Anyway here’s a link to my article recapping and reviewing our boys from Charming comic adventures. If your a fan of the show, you’ll love it, if you want to see what the hype is about,,check the book out to get a taste of what you been missing for 6,seasons!

See Ya Next Week Folks! Merry Christmas Fanboys and Fangirls!


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