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Threat Level Wednesday – Oh, the Inhumanity!



EARTH2_Cv18_R1_s26re7v3kx_Earth 2 #18

w. Tom Taylor
a. Nicola Scott

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Because I was worried about this book after Robinson left it, but it was left in good hands. Taylor, of Injustice: Gods Among Us fame, picked up the ball and ran with it. Earth 2’s greatest hero returns from the dead, but Superman is now a thrall of Darkseid and is rampaging across the barely healed planet, leaving destruction in his wake the world hasn’t seen since Darkseid’s invasion. Only one man has a plan to stop him, the new Batman… but he died alongside Superman didn’t he? Well, this sure as hell is definitely not Bruce Wayne. Besides having super-strength and questionable ethics, he also whips out a gun and murders a certain grinning villain…. Yep, definitely not Bruce Wayne. Robinson may have started this series, but I wouldn’t mind Taylor finishing it, especially if Nicola Scott is in it for the long haul. Just when you think you’ve seen every possible interpretation of a character, she pulls a design out of her hat that is just impressive.(hint: this time its Aquawoman )

GREEN_ARROW_26Green Arrow #26
w. Jeff Lemire
a. Andrea Sorrentino

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Have you seen Sorrentino’s art! I mean this is the best $2.99 you can spend if cool art is your thing. Check out some samples below, if you don’t believe me.
Over the years, Neal Adams, Mike Grell , Kevin Smith, Judd Winnick and many others have added so much to the characterization of Green Arrow (who was basically a Batman rip-off, he had an Arrow Car and Arrow Cave for Gods’ sake!), and now Jeff Lemire is carving out his own niche in the Emerald Archer’s history that will clearly place him on the same pedestal.
Green Arrow returns to the island that created him. In search of the Totem green arrow, symbol of leadership of the Arrow Clan and his father’s obsession, Ollie and his assassin stepmother Shadow are about to spark a war between clans. The clans of The Fist, The Spear,The Shield, The Axe and The Sword are choosing sides as war looms and Green Arrow is finding more out about his family, and himself as well, as he unknowingly charges into the battle. The Outsiders War starts here… If you’re not getting this book, your missing out on a legend in the making!

GreenArrow23c GA_23_16_Preview arrow17-page

pat GA19panel



w. Matt Fraction
a. Olivier Coipel

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Because I yammered on for so long about Infinity the past few months, there was no way I wasn’t gonna grab this! First, it’s Matt Fraction, see why I like Matt here: Matt Fraction – One Cool Dude!. Second, its Olivier Coipel, one of the industry’s most talented artists. Third, it’s The Inhumans! One of Kirby’s best concepts! I mean really, Is anybody cooler looking than Blackbolt! This is a great launching point for people to jump in on the Infinity bandwagon.
The history of the Inhumans is given in a smart way, by Karnak, the Inhuman vizier who has the ability to see the flaws in anything, to everyman Hawkeye, who ask the same questions you would if you knew nothing of the Inhumans. A smart but not surprising writing maneuver by Fraction. And then the Illuminati show up, wanting to know why Blackbolt would destroy Attilan and release the terrigen mists, turning homo sapiens across the world into Inhuman. Through a nice recapping of Infinity, Karnak finally see’s the flaw in all things Inhuman and makes a choice you won’t believe. This one-shot will leave you wanting more…. And thanks to Joe Madueira, were going to be waiting for a bit!




Rover Red Charlie #1
w. Garth Ennis
a. Michael DiPascale

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Because this is about three dogs surviving the apocalypse. I really like dogs. I really like apocalypses. Oh and its written by Garth Ennis, who I also really like. I mean I was onboard with Preacher from day one. So this one was a no brainer for me.
It was good as expected. Ennis writes dogs just as well as he writes humans (and that was a compliment!) The sly humor of the dogs’ attempts to understand why the all the feeders (that’s what they call us folks!) have gone crazy is juxtaposed (ugh, I hate sounding like an English Lit. teacher) against the horror of a human race gone mad. People slaughtering themselves and each other in random violent acts is quite difficult for a dog to figure out. Rover, Red and Charlie try to find a feeder that’s not going nuts, but when they do, it doesn’t end well.
Each of the three dogs have distinct personalities that reflect their breeding and occupation as well as a dog vocabulary that makes perfect sense. There is one thing that makes me cry, and that’s bad things happening to animals, especially dogs. I have a feeling I’ll be in tears by the time this series ends. Damn you Ennis! Check this book out it, its seems like its going to be another surprise hit from Ennis.

RRC1 RRC1DogDays

Last Week’s Surprise Pick:


All Star Western #25
w. Palmiotti & Gray
a.  Moritat

4 out of 5 Cowboy Space Monkeys!

Why?:  From issue #1, this has been one the most consistently good books of the New 52. Month after month its been nonstop good old fashion Jonah Hex; kicking ass, taking names and cracking wise. I was worried it might have jumped the shark when they transported him to modern times, but it just added more to the character,and made him even more cowboyishly cool than ever. Imagine Clint Eastwood walking around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, knee-deep in Hipsters. Now imagine his reaction to everything he sees. That’s pretty much Jonah Hex’s view of modern society.
Currently at a Burning Man-like desert festival,  Hex gets caught up in some mystical shenanigans with none other than John Constantine, the Hellblazer himself.  The two of them are up against a demon controlled horde of zombies, and Constantine seems to be on the losing side. That is, until the demon looks into Jonah’s soul and sees much more than he expected: A lifetime of death and a reason for having the name Hex!
What a great book!  A nice monthly dose of humor, action, style and substance. Get on the wagon train man! Something tells me the coolness is just getting started!

See you next week folks!

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