Threat Level - Wednesday!!! New Books Hit the Shelves! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level – Wednesday!!! New Books Hit the Shelves!


Bob’s picks for the Week *


Age_of_Ultron_Vol_1_10_TextlessAge of Ultron #10

Why?: I’m looking forward to putting the final nail in the coffin of Bendis’ Avengers tenure. Can’t wait to see the shoe-horning-in of Angela into the Marvel Universe. I don’t want to be disappointed with this, but with my feelings towards Bendis’ writing … I’m not holding my breath. Plus its blacked bagged which for Marvel promises… Well nothing. ( FF #587. Black Bag. “Death” of Human Torch, no body shown, back in less than a year. Uncanny X-Force #18. Black Bag. “Death” of Archangel. Rebirth same issue. ) Guessing it will end most crossovers: Back to status quo and no real ending just a push for the new follow books.



Avengers #14

Why?: Because Hickman can do no wrong. Everything about this run is great. Although Spencer is helping him out with the duties on this, I don’t think this will affect the awesomeness of the book. Whatever concepts of Kirby’s he didn’t get to in his FF run, he is pulling out here. Throw in Hyperion, Captain Universe and some New Universe stuff
and you have the breath of fresh air the Avengers titles needed.



New Avengers #7

Why?: Because Marvel wisely gave Hickman the Avengers as his sandbox and its hasn’t been this inspiring in years. Using the Illuminati to showcase the cosmic large-scale concepts of the MU was a smart move. This book will blow your mind with its concept and scope.



Xmen: Legacy #12

Why?: Because Simon Spurrier has taken Legion (Professor X’s schizophrenic omega level mutant son and former villain ) and put him through a psychedelic Grant-Morrison-like adventure that ties beautifully in the current X-verse but can totally be read on its own.




Batman and Batgirl #21

Why?: Because Peter Tomasi has been in Morrison’s bat shadow for far too long.
GM might have created and killed Damian, but nobody wrote more poignant and touching scenes between him and Batman or showed his progressive character change better than Tomasi. I liked this one shots focusing on Batman and his allies after the death of his son and Tomasi captures the relationships perfectly.


GL-NGGL: New Guardians #21

Why?: Because Kyle Rayner rocks! That and Justin Jordan’s writing and Brad Walker’s art are good choices to take him and his role in the GL universe in a new direction starting this issue.


WW_Cv21_kq5bgcm1ut_Wonder Woman #21

Why?: Azzarello and Chiang have taken Wonder Woman’s mythological roots and made them the forefront of the story. It’s been strong and steady from the beginning with Azzarello’s snappy dialog and Chiang’s stylistic designs for the gods and monsters. Oh. And Orion is in it. Orion


100_bullets_Brother.Lono-1_j5wj2hxqrq_Brother Lono #1

100 Bullets

Nuff said!



Dream-Thief_2Dream Thief #2

Why?: I grabbed the number 1 of this at the behest of my and enjoyed it. The protagonist has blackout periods were he kills evil people, somehow knowing what they did and the judgment they deserve. His powers and skills increase with each kill as he hunts down criminal after criminal while trying to figure out what happened to him.


WBY1Wild Blue Yonder#1

Why?: The art caught my eye and the concept, a steam punk jet pilot chick fighting for freedom in a post apocalyptic future seemed to good to pass up.


Last Week’s Sleeper Surprise:


Masters of the Universe:
Origin of Hordak #1

This slipped past me last week and I just happen to glance through it and my central cortex shut down. Giffen and Koblish’s art is astoundingly Kirbyesque. Krackle abounds in giant energy-strewn splash pages. I haven’t cared about anything He-Man since Dolph Lundren… But I scooped this up just for the visuals alone

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