Threat Level Wednesday-more Infinity! More Villains! More....Buzzkill??? ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level Wednesday-more Infinity! More Villains! More….Buzzkill???




Infinity #3
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Dustin Weaver & Jerome Opena

Why:? Because whenever Blackbolt screams, something major happens in the Marvel Universe, and even if I wasn’t a die-hard Hickman fan, those monochromatic Kubert covers would have grabbed me anyway ( and their color coded to the tie-ins for a quick fix to the ‘when do I read this ?’ question that inevitably plagues any crossover ).
When the Avengers and their alien allies ( Skrulls, Kree, Shi’ar, Spartoi… Pretty much all of them ) are obliterated by the Builder Space Fleet, whole races start kneeling, but not Cap! He’s got a plan! Plus Thanos arrives in Attilan, and demands his tribute, the head of every Inhuman Child, only to find the city empty except for its king. Blackbolt’s answer will blow you away… Literally!

4 out 5 Space Monkeys


New Avengers #10
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Mike Deodato

Why:? Because the reasoning behind Thanos’ tribute is fleshed out in greater detail by the remarkable renderings of Mike Deodato. Searching for his son, (what? Thanos has a son? Told you to read this!) Thanos wants the head if every Inhuman child in his apparent age group. And we all know from Aaron and Bianche’s Thanos Rising miniseries what Thanos does to his offspring. Hickman juggles a crossover with his ongoing Illuminati storyline in this title with graceful ease. Watch the tension between Namor and Black Panther grow! See how far the Illuminati will go to protect their secret! And what the hell is Doctor Strange up too!

4 1/2 out of 5 Space Monkeys



Batman & Robin #23.3 Ra’s al Ghul
w. James Tynion IV
a. Jeremy Haun

Why?: If you didn’t expect to see a Tynion IV book on this list your nuts. His work with Snyder and his own work on extending the Court of Owls mythos over in Talon, makes him the perfect writer to tackle a Villain’s Month special on Batman’s arch-nemesis and sort of father in law. Tynion pulls it off perfectly, giving us a nice rich history of Ra’s rise to power, the creation of the League of Assassins, his history with Batman and his current situation: whether or not to accept the Secret Society’s invitation. His answer is no surprise to anyone… Let alone the Society. A nice set up for future appearances of Ra’s throughout the DCU.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Swamp Thing #23.1 Arcane
w. Charles Soule
a. Jesus Saiz

Why?: Since Louis Jourdan scared the hell out of me in the 1982 Swamp Thing movie, Arcane has always been a villain that piqued by interest and his new role as Avatar of the Rot pushed him to the next level of villainhood. Now defeated by the Swamp Thing and Animal Man, Arcane is stuck in a private hell, one that most of us would find heavenly. There he recounts his story in a tale to the new Avatar of the Rot; his daughter, Abigail!

He reveals a few secrets about their family history that might just set Abigail on a path to being a villain worse than her father.

3 out of 5 Space Monkeys




Buzzkill #1
Dark Horse
w. Donny Cates & Mark Reznicek
a. Geoff Shaw

Why?: Because the concept is just too out there to pass up. A super-hero who gets his powers from drinking and doing drugs , is now in A.A. trying to get sober after destroying most of a city and putting his targeted villain into a coma. Can “Rueben” survive A.A., when former teammates drop in, and former villains plot against him? I really enjoyed this first issue, a concept that could have been hokey or overly humorous was handled perfectly and believably. The quote blurb on the cover by Mark Waid says it best:
“God, I wish I’d thought of this.”

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Last Week’s Surprise Pick:

KingsWatch01-Cov-Perez  3196282-kingswatch01-cov-laming

Kings Watch
w. Jeff Parker
a. Marc Laming

Why?: Because the Defenders of the Earth was one of the best cartoons from my childhood. Also each of these characters (The Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, and Flash Gordon ) stands up on there own, and in an updated version of the DoE by the talented Jeff Parker can only be a classic in the making. Laming’s art shows plenty of promise, giving a nice feel to the mystery Parker is setting up to bring these characters together. Perfect for old fans, and totally new reader friendly!

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys



tune in next week folks, same Bob-time, same Bob-channel!

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  1. Hey, now that Infinity is underway, what are some arcs that you’d recommend for someone new to the Marvel cosmic universe? I love your timeline post, but don’t know if all those arcs tie-in…

    • Let’s see

      For the real current stuff with the Avengers I highly recommend Hickman’s run on Avengers and New Avengers. Also his Fantastic Four and FF runs since concepts from both teams make up 90 percent of the stuff you see in Infinity

      If Thanos is your man, than get the Avengers vs Thanos Tpb, The Ininifty Gauntlet, and Thanos Rising 1 to 5 ( available at my lcs )

      If your digging Blackbolt grab the Inhumans trades ( start with the Kirby classics if you can )

      And for a rather more recent Cosmic epic, featuring everyone else you’ve seen in the Marvel Cosmos… Annihilation is a good place to jump in and its various sequels lead you to where everyone is now

      Hope this helped
      Any other questions feel free to ask


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