Threat Level Wednesday - Kudranski, Garney, Larocca and Quitely - Remember Those Names! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level Wednesday – Kudranski, Garney, Larocca and Quitely – Remember Those Names!



justlcv23jpg-e94bb0_960wJustice League 23.4 Secret Society
w. Geoff Johns & Sterling Gates
a. Szymon Kudranski

Why?: Because Alfred Pennyworth of Earth-3 is the Outsider, leader of the Secret Society, master manipulator, and right-hand man to Owlman. Johns once again takes a silver age concept and puts a really cool spin on it. ( Google Outsider and read about his pre crisis exploits. ) This issue shows the Outsider’s origin over on Earth-3 and the events that led up to him appearing on this earth. Johns and Gates have always worked well together and continue to do so. This beautiful drawn ish by Kudranski (this guy needs a regular gig! He’s awesome) is filled with plenty of Earth 3  easter eggs, its worth a second read to catch them all.

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4 Joker’s Daughter
w. Ann Nocenti
a. Georges Jeanty

Why:? Because this was another wacky concept from the Silver Age (look it up!)
that was New 52’d up by Ann Nocenti and Georges Jeanty in this one shot. A girl with severe mental issues ( body dismorphia, cutting issues, a fetish for pain and scarring, just to name a few )
escapes to the underground of Gotham called the Nethers.  There she find’s the Joker’s face, and begins a crazy mission to take over the tribe of people living there, changing the patriarchy that rules down there to scarred slaves and giving the women leadership of the tribe.

3 our of 5 Space Monkeys


Uncanny Avengers
w. Rick Remender
a. Salvador Larroca

Why?: Kang is cool, that’s why! And in the best hands possible with Remender at the helm of this title and Larocca slaying page after page like he always does. Remender is cherry-picking some of the best concepts from years past of both X and A histories and smashing them together. I wanted to hate this book and not collect it when it was first solicited, just on the name alone,now it’s the book I look forward to reading first. Here’s just a few things that appear this ish:
Apocalypse Twins
Ahab and his Hounds
Banshee as a Horseman
Scarlet Witch and Wonder man
Scarlet Centurion
And Kang’s worst nightmare….

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Independent :


Jupiter’s Legacy #3
Image Comics
w. Mark Millar
a.  Frank Quitely

Why?: Because, frankly, I like to see Millar’s twisted takes on superhero concepts, and here he tackles the generational gaps between legacy heroes and the infighting that exist in all families to the Nth degree. Quitely is up to his usual standard of amazing, taking on a very large group of somewhat familiar looking characters, and giving each a visual voice of their own.
The Coup of century takes place as renegades within the Sampson clan take out the main members of the family, with a little help from good ol’ Uncle Walter. Quite graphically I might add, thank you Frank! Can the dream of the Utopian survive, now that is it in the hands of a drug dealing slacker, and his pregnant ex-junkie girlfriend???

4 out 5 Space Monkeys

Last Weeks Surprise Pick:


Thor: God of Thunder #13
w. Jason Aaron
a. Ron Garney

Because it’s the start of a new arc, bringing back one of my favorite Thor villains: Malekith. (Just in time for the movie!) but more importantly, and why it’s here on my list is Ron Garney’s art. I cannot believe how good this guy is, it’s not easy following Djurvic on a title, but you don’t even miss him. Garney is truly on his way to being one of the masters of comic book art and storytelling. If you don’t want to buy it, Just LOOK at it!


5 out of 5 Space Monkeys

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  1. Hey Robert,

    Great write-ups.

    Been digging Uncanny Avengers and Jupiter’s Legacy and wait to crack into the newest issues tonight.

    One quick note… Szymon Kudranski’s been the artist on SPAWN for the last 35 issues – 201-235 – and has completed the interiors all the way up to 243 (working his way up to 250 and beyond). If you like his work, check it out.


  2. Rosemary Kiladitis on

    Bob, I’m so glad you like Thor! It may be the best Marvel NOW title out there. I’m still pissed about Journey Into Mystery, can get my Asgard on somewhere.

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