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Threat Level Wednesday – It’s a Miracle, Man!



Miracle Man #1miracleman_1_quesada_cover
w. Original Writer
a. Gary Leach

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Well, normally, I wouldn’t give a flying fig about this despite all the controversy and industry hoopla around the MiracleMan rights kerfuffle. But, I have this giant gap of knowledge when it comes to Miracleman. Hell, I was in my 20’s before I even heard of him, and it was a few years after that before I actually saw an issue in person. The prohibitive cost of collecting the original 80’s run and the utter lack of trade paperbacks reprinting said run has led me to believe there would always be a chunk of information missing from my brain. Yeah, yeah I could Wiki it, google it and so forth, but it’s not the same. So I’m not taking the side of Original Writer (you know, the guy who had his name taken off the Watchmen movie, the V for Vendetta Movie and definitely the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie ) or, Neil Gaiman’s, or Marvel’s and I wouldn’t be caught dead taking Todd MacFarlane’s side in anything. I just want to read an Original Writer (psst….it’s Alan Moore ) classic and fill my brainhole with 80’s British comic goodness.
That being said, I’m glad I got this book.  It’s pure Alan Moore at his finest.  Over 30 years later, and it holds up and reads just as well as his other classic stories (which means better than most current stuff in the industry). As soon a you start reading it you have flashbacks to V for Vendetta and Watchmen, not in content but in terms of structure and storytelling. Miracleman is loaded with Moore-ish imaginative prose and we see his ability to upgrade a rather simple concept (MiracleMan is a complete SHAZAM rip-off… on purpose) to a higher form, years before he took the Charlton characters and re-worked them into Watchmen. Gary Leach’s art is spectacular, well rendered and realistic, very reminiscent of Lloyd’s work in V for Vendetta, but with a dash of Steve Dillon in the rendering.
The issue also comes with reprints of the original MarvelMan’s (yes, he was originally called Marvel Man,…look it’s complicated, but this issue also has a brief history of the character and his creators which explains a lot) first two adventures, and excerpts from Joe Quesada’s interview with 94-year-old Mick Anglo, Marvel Man’s original creator from way back in 1954.
A must read for Moore fans, and total comic geeks in general. Plus it comes with the standard slew of Variant covers, some of which are below:

Miracleman_1_Cassaday_Variant Miracleman_1_Yu_Variant mmvariant opena


thor_god_of_thunder_17_coverThor: God of Thunder #17
w. Jason Aaron
a. Ron Garney & Emanuela Lupacchino

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?:  Because Aaron and Garney’s “Accursed” arc draws to a close in this issue, and things in the Nine Realms are going to be very different from here on out. Thor’s League of Realms (representatives from the various lands of the Nine Realms) has fallen apart. The death of one member last issue and the betrayal by another has caused a rift in the team, giving Malekith, the Dark Elf the upper hand. His mad plan of slaughtering his own people has caused the Nine Realms to unite and wage war against him, and as Thor rallies his League ( apparently, Thor learned a few things from Loki about deceiving your enemy ) , Malekith’s fellow Dark Elves make a decision. Did Thor’s plan to unite the warring tribes of the Dark Elves undermine his ability to defeat Malekith and bring true justice to the realms of Asgard? Oh yeah! In a big way. Svartalfheim has a new king, and the Nine Realms has nothing but trouble lying in it’s future!  Aaron continues to take Thor, and all the assort myths and concepts around him to new levels of comic coolness.


tumblr_mzd6hmpryt1qjzyxso1_1280Superman/WonderWoman #4
w. Charles Soule
a. Tony S. Daniel

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Because I’ve been loving this series. Soule’s take on both characters is spot on, and he devotes just enough page time to the relationship aspect between the two, without it becoming the center of the story. The action is always top notch, as it only could be, drawn in Daniel’s thrilling pencils.
Clark and Diana discuss the now public knowledge of their relationship and weigh the pro’s and cons of secret identities. The Man of Steel admits (much to the liking of myself and countless other bloggers), that writing is the one thing Superman finds difficult to do, and that’s why he does it, and the same goes for being Clark Kent. As the couple fly off (post coitally, I’m assuming lol) to their respective lives Supes heads to the fortress to question Zod about Doomsday. Zod’s true colors show as he frees himself, and battles Kal over use of the Phantom Zone Projector. After deceiving Kal and causing chaos in the Fortress with a few simple Kryptonian phrases, Zod will not be stopped until he has what he wants! And what does Zod want from the Phantom Zone so badly? Or maybe I should say who??? (hint- Antje Trau )


DC Universe vs. The Masters of the Universe #4DC_UNIVERSE_VS._THE_MASTERS_OF_THE_UNIVERSE_4
w. Keith Giffen & Tony Bedard
a. Pop Mhan

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: This book is hoot that’s why! Firmly entrenched in the New 52 Universe, Giffen & Bedard have craftily connect the DCU and the Masters of the Universe, uhm, universe (Prince Adam’s mother has always been an Earther, turns out it was the Earth of the DCU she called home) that adds a certain seriousness to the what some might at first glance consider a gimmicky crossover. After last issues reveal of Orko as the big bad, yep that’s right the cute little guy with no face, a floppy hat and a big O on his skirt is the horrifying villain that threatens both worlds and uses Skeletor as his bitch. A giant dark demon, filled with the collective warped souls of his homeworld trolls, Dark Orko’s plan is nearing fruition. As members of both the Justice League and JLA hunt down He-Man and his allies (Teela, Mossman, Stratos, Man-At-Arms, Battle Cat, etc.) who they blame for the death of Superman (oh yeah, He-Man stabbed Superman in the chest with his sword a few issues back), Batman suspects there is more to Superman’s death than meets the eye. Suspecting a con, Bats goes to the one person he considers an expert on the subject…. John Constantine. Can Constantine and his fellow Justice League Darkers stop the battle between the Leaguers and the Masters and set their sights on their true enemy before its too late? The existences of two worlds hangs in the balance, so let’s hope so….


Curse #1Curse_01_rev_Page_1

w. Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel
a. Riley Rossmo & Colin Lorimer

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? Basically because Riley Rossmo’s name was on it. I’ve been seriously digging this guys artwork, over at Valiant, here at Image with Drumhellar and I just recently read the first six issues of Bedlam by him and Nick Spencer (review coming soon… promise, Chuck), so I figured I’d give this a whirl as well. It was a very cool start to what seems to be an entertaining horror mini-series.
Former football star Laney Griffin is a man with problems. A widower, his only son Jaren is dying of cancer and mounting medical bills have lead him to refinance his house and sell off his football memorabilia, while his cop sister in law is threatening to take custody of his. When a series of bizarre murders by what seems to be a giant fast moving animal take place in the woods near his hometown, Laney jumps at the chance to get a sizable award for hunting the animal down. But what Laney comes across in the snowy woods is something ….more than animal. I can’t give much away with ruining it, but trust me, this looks like its gonna be a good one. Rossmo & Lorimer’s art is perfectly dark and moody, fitting this tension building horror series perfectly.

Here’s check out a couple of preview pages;


Last Week’s Surprise Hit:

portrait_incredibleMarvel Knight’s Spider-man #4 ( of 5 )
w. Matt Kindt
a. Marco Rudy

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? 1. Matt Kindt can do no wrong. He knows his characters inside and out and the imagination in his work is only outmatched by how prolific he is. 2. Marco Rudy’s art matches Kindt’s writing, in his unique page layouts and use of Marvel-centric themes through out this story have been visually stimulating and fun to look at and really absorb. After Spidey survived the mid-ocean airplane explosion last issue, he woke to find himself in a luxury hotel on an island somewhere warm and tropical. Only problem is, Kraven ( as in Kraven: the Last Hunt ) is running the hotel… and a host of Spidey’s villains are the other guests. Rhino, Lizard, Owl, and more make an appearance this issue, as Kraven (or is it?) puts the Web Swinger through another gauntlet.  But who really is the villain behind Spidey’s most tripped out adventure in years? Judging by the final page this issue, Spidey might not survive to find out!

Highly Recommended!!!!

P.S.  Here’s some of Marco Rudy’s art from throughout the series so far:

Spiderman-99Problems-issue02-Finished-04-ad6d8 MKSM2013004-int-LR2-1-1189e


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