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Threat Level Wednesday – Infinity, Trinity, Bo-binity



Infinity #13041316-infinity_1_cover
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Jim Cheung

Why?: Are you insane? Do I really have to explain myself on this one? Jonathan Hickman has been planting seeds for this cosmic epic since he first started at Marvel. SHIELD. Fantastic Four. FF. Avengers. New Avengers. It all leads to this… and it’s worth the wait. Jim Cheung does an amazing job putting Hickman’s super-science thoughts to paper, the art alone is worth the price. Plus Thanos is back, with a bigger and badder force behind him. While his Outliers gather information throughout the cosmos, one escapes the wrath of the Inhuman king Black Bolt, with information that causes Thanos to gather his generals ( with such dope names as Corvus Glaive, Black Maw and Proxima Midnight ). While the Avengers leave earth to deal with a massive war fleet heading towards our planet, the Mad Titan realizes it’s the perfect time to enact his plan. An Avengerless planet is a prime target.. Since we all know… To court the Avengers, is to court death.

And for those of you who have missed out on the past few years( or decades even) of the mighty Marvel cosmos… Check out whatchareading’s Guide to Infinity!


JLA_CV7_ds--415x615Justice League of America #7
w. Geoff Johns & Jeff Lemire
a. Doug Mahnke

Why?: Because I’m a crossover junkie and no one helms a crossover better than Geoff Johns. Trinity War has been on a roll, barrelling along towards Forever Evil, and this issue is no different. Pandora’s quest to see who could open her box ( ugh, that’s sounds more xxx than it is ) takes an interesting turn as she seeks out the darkest of human hearts, a certain incarcerated, bald, super genius. And with Superman already weakened and suspected of murdering Doctor Light, the box claims another Justice Leaguer, what’s stronger the power of ancient myth or the will of….. Psyche! no spoilers here!

Batman #23batman23coverart
w. Scott Snyder
a. Greg Capullo

Because Snyder and Capullo continue to weave a tale that fits perfectly within Batman’s history, but with fresh twists and additions that only enhance his beginnings. What Miller and Mazzuchelli started in year one, Snyder and Capullo are fleshing out New 52 style, with great results. Find out why Alfred stays, despite his misgivings , see Bruce Wayne get beaten to a pulp by the Red Hood Gang, and what the heck is a young Riddler doing working for Wayne Corp???


preview-harbinger-15-by-joshua-dysart-barry-k-L-9bbYdxHarbinger #15
Valiant Comics
w. Joshua Dysart
a. Barry Kitson

Why?: Because it’s the first issue after the Harbinger Wars ended, and it looks like someone is messing with the minds of some of our favorite Renegades. Pete and the crew head out to Hollywood with the intentions of lying low, bonding and relaxing after the whirlwind of trouble they just got out of. But something seems a bit off, as the team splits up to have some fun, they all start acting a bit weird. A Hum V is dry humped, a concert burned down and while two teammates open up to each other over a flight through Hollywood Hills, another two kiss (I won’t say who, but the Church wouldn’t approve!)

Last week’s surprise pick:

Green Arrow #23 GA_Cv23_R1_rwp9nrjtnu_
DC comics
w. Jeff Lemire
a. Andrea Sorrentino

Why?: Yeah I know this book has been on here a few times, and yeah I might have a penchant for guys with bows and arrows, but this book is just damn good. What Geoff Johns has done for Green Lantern, Jeff Lemire is doing for Green Arrow. This is one of those arcs that changes the way you look at a character. Mark my words: this is the definitive Green Arrow story, just like Claremont and Miller’s Wolverine mini injected depth and history to the character, Lemire’s run will be the one you push on your newbie comic friend, or your jaded old comic buddy who hates everything. Plus, paying $2.99 for Andrea Sorrentino’s artwork is like paying $50 for the Mona Lisa. If Jae Lee and Eduardo Risso had a child and it was raised by Laura DePuy, it would still not be able to draw as well a Sorrentino.

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    And just when I thought I was done with Avengers books, you make it so that I’m picking up Infinity tomorrow. ::shakes fist::

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