Threat Level: Wednesday- Gobble these books up and be Thankful ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level: Wednesday- Gobble these books up and be Thankful



infinity6Infinity #6
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Jim Cheung

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Because I spent most of the weekend reading Infinity #1-5 and both Avengers and New Avengers tie ins to gear up for this epic finally to Marvel’s cosmic epic. Hickman wraps up the story nicely, with a building crescendo of battles that are literally earthshaking in Cheung’s artistic hands. Each character is handled succinctly by Hickman, everyone is their quintessential best in terms of characterization and dialogue. From the giant space battles, to the Hulk vs Thanos’ generals, to the Thor/Thanos showdown, right up to the revelation of Thane’s powers ( spoiled by a silly Marvel video game and the internet). Like every good event miniseries, this one has drastic ramifications for those involved and the whole Marvel Universe. This series may have ended, but the stories are just beginning. Are you ready for Inhumanity?Infinity_6_Preview_1

New Avengers #12NEWAVN2013012-DC11-LR-23996
w. Jonathan Hickman
a. Mike Deodato

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: See all the above. Plus this issue has an awesome Starlin-homage cover by Deodato that had me believing this Infinity arc would end with the return of Adam Warlock, but it didn’t. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read Jim Starlin’s early work for Marvel and find out. Avengers vs Thanos TPB. is a good place to start. This issue has the Illuminati dealing with the fall out of Infinity. Black Panther is hated and exiled from a devastated Wakanda by his own people for consorting with Namor. Namor and Blackbolt have both lost their kingdoms, one by war, one by sacrifice. Doctor Strange starts down a very dark path and Reed, Beast and Iron Man get a little lesson from their captive, the Black Swan: Everything they just went through…. Child’s play compared to what’s to come…..


AQUAMAN_25Aquaman #25
w. Geoff Johns
a. Paul Pelletier

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Because finally Aquaman has his beard back! You heard right! But it doesn’t last, someone makes him shave it by the end. A redheaded, water manipulating someone who you would also shave your beard for if she asked. Aquaman has freed Mera from her imprisonment by the Dead King, with a little help from an army of the Trench, and now the two are freeing rebels and saving Atlantis like all good couples should!
Again it’s sad to see Johns leave a character he so passionately cared about, and one he raised to new levels of coolness thought untouchable by a man in an orange shirt and green tights, but he wraps up his run nicely,and sets the stage for the next writer perfectly.

Damian: Son of Batman #2DSOBM_Cv2_usfdqkdh30_
w. & a. Andy Kubert

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Because the last page of last issue threw a wrench into the monkey works. Bruce Wayne?Alive??? What I swore was gonna be a Clayface turns out to be the real thing. But how can that be?Batman died in issue one, isn’t that the whole point?? But I kid you not, it’s the real Bruce Wayne and he’s alive and well. Or was until his battle with Damian this issue. Hey, just go read it… I’m not spoilin’ nuttin’. Seriously, this going to be a good series. Andy is knocking it out of the park, as usual and telling an insightful tale of Damian coming to grips with what it actually means to be Batman. If you’re a Bat-fan, a fan of the Batmam #666 future, or just believe Damian was the coolest Robin ever (and if you don’t, your probably wearing Depends and yelling at kids on your lawn), this is the book for you!

Independent :

BlackScience_01_Cover_BBlack Science #1
w. Rick Remender
a. Matteo Scalera

Why?: Because no Valiant books or Joe Casey books came out this week. Just kidding, it’s because I like Science and anything with Black as a prefix. Plus Remender blows meBlackScience-01-Cover-B-Dressed-a7939 away with anything he writes, and I became a Scalera fan with his work on Hulk. So I wasn’t at all surprised by how good this #1 was. Scalera’s imaginative art was perfect, with a little help from colorist Dean White, for capturing the insane sci-fi adventure that Remender weaves in this book. It’s dark and dynamic and fits the drama of a rogue scientist, on the a desperate run through and alien dimension full of strange fishlike warriors, continent-sized turtles and frog-people with electric tongues that still work after they’ve been beheaded. Protagonist Grant McKay, explorer of black science and leader of the Anarchists League of Scientists, is a miserable wretch of a person, and he knows it. Now, while trying to save his children and what’s left of the League from inter dimensional death, McKay begins to question his beliefs and choices in life. Is it too late? But hey Remender had me sold as soon as he quoted Carl Sagan. This book is fun, dark and very intelligent. A must for any SciFi fan!

>BLKSCI_01_04-05 blackscience01_teaser3_v2

Last weeks surprise pick:

Sorry! Skipping again. Have to brine a turkey. (Don’t ask)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from mine and ours!batman-thanksgiving_color_rev_1200_528ac439626502.90002237

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