Threat Level Wednesday - Double Up on Justice Leagues, Double down on Super geniuses, and Double Dare you to read two Image #1's! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level Wednesday – Double Up on Justice Leagues, Double down on Super geniuses, and Double Dare you to read two Image #1’s!



IM17Iron Man #17
w. Kieron Gillen
a. Carlo Pagulayan

Why?: Because I love when a blurb on comic cover lives up to its hyperbole. I gave this title up early on, and came back for the Secret Origin of Tony Stark, mainly for the Dale Eaglesham art. Albeit this finale had Pagulayan and Hanna doing a fine imitation, keeping the style of his work on the arc.
The conclusion is shocking and it does change the world of Iron Man forever! Without throwing out spoilers, I say this, the Stark Family gains a new member (with a very familiar name!) as it finds out another isn’t really a Stark at all. When your done with this issue your gonna wanna reread the whole arc.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Indestructible Hulk #14
w. Mark Waid
a. Mahmud Asrar & Kim Jacinto

Why?: Bruce Banner as a floating robot head, teaming with the Hulk as they travel through time fighting the Chronarchists as they warp history, thanks to the damage done by Ultron is not only a mouthful, but a great pretense for an arc.

  • See Mr.Fixit fight Sandman in ancient Egypt!
  • Marvel as Gladiator Hulk battles Fin Fang Foom on the decks of the Santa Maria!
  • Experience The Mauling on the Moon ..SHIELD Hulk vs. Abomination!

Seriously, Waid is batting a thousand between this book and Daredevil (also on sale this week). The final Chronanarchist is using his time warping abilities to manipulate the personal timeline of the only person capable of stopping him… The Hulk (and Bruce Banner!) But who’s manipulating who? Zarkko the Tomorrow man time-tricks the Hulk into sabotaging his own origin, and  answering an age old question…. we know what happens when Bruce Banner gets hit by a gamma blast….. What happens when the Hulk does ??????

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys



justl-cv24-ds-8c266_gallery_primaryJustice League #24
w. Geoff Johns
a. Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

Why?: Hahahahahaha There are tooooo many reasons. Beside being a Forever Evil tie in, besides written being written by Geoff Johns, Besides the amazing art team of Reis and Prado, we have here the New 52 Origin of Ultraman, Superman’s evil duplicate. For the first time in DC history, we truly get an evil, opposite version of Kal El. Due to Werthhiem, The Comics Code, Demographics of the past and other reasons, we never really got a version of UltramanJUSTL_Cv24_1_25_var that was as teeming with evil as this New 52 version is. His history is the exact opposite of Superman’s in every way possible; from being raise by poor drunk abusive parents on a run down farm (he killed them at age 7, by the way) to ingesting Kryptonite to gain superpowers and avoiding the sun which would weaken him, Kal-Il is a meglomaniac bent on world domination. Ultraman shows the world this difference when he confronts certain employees at the Daily Planet, the things he does to Lois and Jimmy Olsen… well …, if Superman is still alive, there will have to be a reckoning. And you’ll be surprised as I was as to who answers the secret signal from Jimmy’s watch just in time for a rescue…. He made that flight from Khandaq pretty quick……

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys


jld24Justice League Dark #24
w. J.M. DeMatteis
a. Mikel Janin

Why?:  Because if Mikel Janin is drawing a book, I will buy it! Google Image Search his name (or look below for peek at this issue), and then when your done picking up your jaw go buy anything he draws.
JUSTICE_LEAGUE_DARK_24-300x446As John Constantine regains consciousness, he realizes what had really occurred when Pandora’s box was opened at the end of Trinity War, and then realizes he had a little help escaping the doom that caught the Leagues, a little help from The House of Mystery!???  Plus J.C.’s first new recruits show up: Nightmare Nurse, who shall we say has a tantric history with Constantine (check Phantom Stranger 8 & 9 for that story) and Swampthing… well sort-of-ish..


3 out of 5 Space Monkeys (5 out of 5 for just the art!)



comics-velvet-1Velvet #1
Image Comics
w. Ed Brubaker
a. Steve Epting

Why?: Did you see the creative team? you know, the guys from that whole Winter Soldier – Death of Captain America thing from a few years ago. Well they are at it again. When one of the X-Operatives from the élite espionage group ARC-7 turns up murdered, veteran Agent Velvet Temptation is pulled into the intrigue when a retired agent named Frank Lancaster is implicated in the murder.Velvet has a prior relationship with Frank,  the agency’s Golden Boy, that dates back a number of years, making this very personal. But was the murder a set-up? It sure looks like someone is setting up ARC-7 agents as Velvet finds herself neck deep in a murder set -up of her own! Brubaker plays the spy game well as always, a mix of high-end spy drama and noir fiction that is so beautifully rendered by Steve Epting’s goregeously laid out shadowy-realism.

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys


pretty1Pretty Deadly #1
w. Kelly Sue Deconnick
a. Emma Rios
c. Jordie Bellaire

Pretty-Deadly-COVERWhy?: Simply because its written, drawn, colored and edited by some of the best female talent in the industry (you guys couldn’t find a female letterer??). This dark western tale focusing on a young girl and her blind, father-figure companion who travel the west telling the story of Death Face Ginny, the daughter of the most beautiful woman in the west and Death himself. Raised by Death as an assassin or as the book puts it:

pd1-4“He raised her a reaper of vengeance,
a hunter of men who have sinned

If you done been wronged,
say her name, sing this song,

Sound the bell’s knell,
that calls her from hell

Ginny Rides for you on the wind,
my child,

Death rides on the wind!”

Yeah. The fairer sex my ass!

All kidding aside, this is a great book, the writing top notch and the art capturing the mood and time period perfectly. It’s not often that I mention a colorist (sorry guys, Ill work on that) but lately, whenever I read a good book, its seems Jordie Bellaire colored it. Three. Quantum and Woody. Number Cruncher. Mara. Manahttan Projects. This isn’t a coincidence. Damn fine work Jordie! I look forward to seeing the further adventures of Deathface, Ginny, and company!


4 out of 5 Space monkeys


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