Threat Level - Wednesday! Don't have the Con Plague? Get out and get these books! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level – Wednesday! Don’t have the Con Plague? Get out and get these books!




w. Matt Fraction
a. David Aja

Why?: Because I’ve been waiting for my boy’s book to come out after a bit of a delay after the start of this arc. An assassin is out for Hawkeye, but he’s taking his time on the hunt. Killing one of his friends living in the building he owns, just to unnerve him, Kaizu will complete the contract when he feels like is, seeing murder as an art. And besides his former villain turned vagabond brother shows up, there is bound to be more trouble for our Avenging Archer, especially if your on a team with your current girlfriend, ex girlfriend and ex-wife. Oh yeah and Kate Bishop shows up to do what she does best, and put Clint in his place.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Guardians of the Galaxy #7
w. Brian Michael Bendis
a. Sara Pichelli & Valerio Schiti

Why?: Sighhhh. Honestly, I don’t know why. I have always collected Guardians, back to the 90s Valentino run, the great stuff by DnA, and even went back and got all there silver and bronze age appearances. So its hard for me to not get this title, first with McNiven art then the amazing Sara Pichelli keeping me there, but this whole Angela thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This issue at least tells you a litttttle bit more about her. She’s an Angel.. From Heven. No that is not a typo. That’s the name of the planet she’s from. I know….from the minds of two of comics most notable writers ( or one writer and one consultant )in the biz today. Oh and Tony Stark and Peter Quill try to out joke and charm Angela to the point the characters are interchangeable voices. Plus the continued abuse of I Am Groot is loosing its charm rapidly. Pichelli still knocks it out of the park, with a nice assist by Schiti on the Angela origin pages.

2 out of 5 Space Monkeys ( though the Art gets a 5 )



Justice League of America #8
w. Matt Kindt
a. Doug Mahnke

Why?: Cuz Kindt and Mahnke sounded like a dream team for Forever Evil tie in and I was right. Kindt puts Martian Manhunter in the spotlight again, showing us the sinister trap set by the Crime Syndicate. J’onn finds himself surviving the Trinity War, but trapped in a prison construct that seems to grant the captured heroes their greatest wish or greatest fear. J’onn tries to recruit his teammates from their mind traps… Or is this just a trap for the Martian Manhunter! Mahnke continues to prove he can draw any character in any situation just perfectly.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Batman and Two-Face #24
w. Peter Tomasi
a. Patrick Gleason

Why?: I love what Tomasi has added to the Batman mythos, and here he tackles the New 52 origin of Two-Face aided and abetted by his partner in crime Patrick Gleason. This was a damn good book. I won’t go into details and drop spoilers but changes were made, giving a new twist on Two Faces origin. This is going to be a fantastic run on a book that I thought would end up directionless or canceled after the death of its co-star.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys



X-O Manowar #18
w. Robert Venditti
a. Lee Garbett

Why?: because Unity is coming, and this is where it all starts. You really should be reading this book. Venditti has been building towards Unity since Aric’s return to earth after the Planet Death arc, but here the first salvo is released. As Aric deals with a possible mutiny from one his own, as well as overtures from the U.S., the Russian government decides to strike XO at his weak spot. His all too human followers. The Russian sub that fires that missile learns all too quick what happens when you attack the Visigoth. But was the Russians really the ones who pulled the trigger ? Check out that last page to find out…

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Last Week’s Surprise Pick:


Constantine #7
w. Ray Fawkes
a. Szymon Kudranski

Why?: Because Kudranski’s art blows my mind. I get Constantine regularly and was thrilled to see my favorite Villains month artist filling in on good old Con-Job’s book. The story progresses further with Constantine on the run from Sargon the Sorceress, and trapped by the sinister Mr E. Bad things happen when too mages battle it out, and we find out there’s some bad blood between Sargon and Zatanna , and some of it might be spilled in the near future. Now seriously DC; promote Mikel Janin to a flagship title ( he’s earned it !)
and give Justice League Dark to Kudranski. He’s the guy you want on dark and scary, and he deserves a monthly book.

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

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