Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!! - All Convergence Week 4 Reviews ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!! – All Convergence Week 4 Reviews


Threat Level: WEDNESDAY!!! - All Convergence Week 4 Reviews


This week in Convergence, we see the domes fall around cities from DC’s deepest past. Pre-Crisis. Earth-S. Earth-X. Earth-3.  As well as there furthest Futures. Hex. DC 1,000,00. Future’s End.  Let the battle for survival begin!!DC-One-Million


Earth-S Crime_Syndicate_of_America_001

nazi MM08_The-Burrowers-future-hex-cover



CONVERGENCE-4-2015-1ST-PRINTING-TONY-S-DANIELConvergence #4                                                                                      $3.99                                                                                                           w.Jeff King                                                                                               a. Stephen Segovia

4 out of  5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Because as war rages around the planet, Dick Grayson of Earth 2, now crippled by the Joker,tries his best to convince Telos, that his plan is wrong and dangerous. That all life is sacred, and he too ha sevolved past Braniac’s programming. But Telos sees Dick as a survivor, in almost every reality and this drive for survival not only impressesTelos ( he goes as far as to sheath Grayson in cosmic-mercury, allowing him the use of his legs again while holding him hostage) , but is the very structure of the command Braniac implanted in him.

Even worse, he actually sped up the process, releasing the Domes and pushing the cities to fight, so Brainiac’s plan to created the perfect surviving Timeline over generations of battles taking eons, Telos will accomplish it in days!! But there’s just one snag, Deimos, dark sorcerer of Skartaris has convinced the Earth 2ers (Superman, Flash,Green Lantern and Wildcat ) he fights on the side of the angels, ( which we all know is a lie!!) and leads them in an assault on Warlords Castle. Deimos wants the secret weapon Travis Mogan is hiding that could bring down Telos…the collection of Time Travellers kept in a stasis field! Hourman, Linear Woman, He Back beetle, Time Lord, Per Degaton, Extant, The Time Trapper and Chronos!! What could Deimos want with them??

With the castle undefended by Warlord (Morgan is off fighting Lizard Men), Deimos’ true colors are revealed as he leaves mid-battle, knocking out a pursuing Wildcat and attacking Shakira the Cat woman to get at the Time Masters!! Even withthe Earth 2ers timely arrival…. an that of an angry Telos as well,teleporting in with Grayson when he feels the chronal energies at play beneath the surface of the planet he shares a consciousness with, they are too late. Deimos has absorbed the cronal energies of the trapped Time Masters, and opens a portal to an even greater threat??? What deal does Deimos make with this villain that will surely spell doom for all!!!??? Read the book, man!

CON-ACTION-COMICS-1-666x1024Convergence: Action Comics #1                                                       $3.99                                                                                                           w. Justin Gray                                                                                         a. Claude St.Aubin
4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? Because it’s Truth, Justice and the American Way versus Lies, Propaganda, and Communism as the worlds of Supermen collide!

It’s the pre-Crisis, o.g. Superman versus Red Son Superman, and the fate of two cities hang in the balance. In pre Crisis Metropolis both Superman and Power Girl adjust to life Under the Dome in different ways. While an older wiser Superman has revealed his identity to the public, marrying Lois Lane and going into retirement, Powergirl bares scars, both emotional ( misses the action and excitement of superheroing ) and physical ( the Dome went up while she was in mid-flight, sending her crashing through a sky light, her back looks more like Bruce Wayne’s then Karen Starr’s). But both cant help to feel powerless, wishing there was something they can do about the dome.

In Moscow of the Red Son universe, Superman, Wonder Woman, Joseph Stalin and Lex Luthor keep a tenuous grip on the illusions of stability, with public unaware that their mighty saviors are powerless. Lex Luthor however, believes he is now the only super human left, due to his superior intelligence, and doesn’t miss the chance to lord it over Stalin. But when the Domes drop and the battles begin, can even a re-powered Superman and Powergirl ( pre-Crisis they were at there most powerful! ) survive the communist war engine led by the Superman and Wonder Woman of that world???

CONV_BLUE_BEETLE_1_54b44bef1490a7.60559404Convergence: Blue Beetle #1                                                             $3.99                                                                                                          w. Scott Lobdell                                                                                        a. Yishan Li

3 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? Because Hub City of Earth-4 is on the brink of chaos. A year under the dome has everyone under stress. A powerless Captain Atom now leads a more militaristic Police Force, opening fire on violent protesters and enforcing curfews.Vic Sage, the Question is still reporting on the dark and seedy side of Hub City, while keeping up his vigilante work, bringing him at odds with Captain Adam… sometimes.

But resident genius and technical wiz, Blue Beetle has spent his time using his brain, trying to figure a way out from under the dome. Ever the optimist, his current, experiment doesn’t  breach the Dome, but manages to give Captain Atom his powers back….or does the timely arrival of a chronally displace Booster Gold ( see below ) have something to do with that??? and why is Doctor Spectro re-powered as well??

A fun romp back into the Charlton Age of comics, with Lobdell capturing the personalities as good as Li captures the clean lines and bright colors of the Charlton style. But you guys lost a Space Monkey…. No combatant from another City?!!


Convergence-Booster-Gold-1-600x923Convergence: Booster Gold #1                                                         $3.99                                                                                                           w. Dan Jurgens                                                                                       a. Alvaro Martinez

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? Because Jurgens has been integral to the plot of Convergence from its nascent beginnings in Future’s End, and further back to the Doomed #2, where we first caught a glimpse of the one true Braniac, as well as  the Future’s End Booster Gold #1, where Braniac gets the location of Vanishing Point from the post Flash Point Booster Gold, allowing him access to any point in any timestream within Hypertime. Which leads us right up to the multiversal mess were in now. Thanks DAN!

Now Jurgens sheds some light on the time-travelling shenanigans of Booster Gold. Rescued from Braniacs clutches by Rip Hunter, Time Master ( who is actually the pre Flash Point Booster Golds’s son from further up the the timeline ), the two heroes find themselves in Skartaris, rescuing The Pre Flash Point Booster Gold and his sister Michelle ( Goldstar) from the Deimos’ prison for Time travelers, ( see Convergence 0-4 for details ) but before they can get very far, Deimos and the Lizard Men have return, the battle with Warlord’s people spilling into the castle prison.

It’s a bad time for Booster from pre-Flash Point, who from years of Time travel has become chronally unstable, and begins bouncing from city to city again ( and you thought he was time-travelling in Future’s End, didn’t you????), landing first in 30th Century Metropolis, and then back to his own timeline, where he runs into his best friend ( who he thinks is dead! ) Blue Beetle! The Blue and Gold are back in business! Are they the key to bringing down Telos???



Convergence: Crime Syndicate #1                                                    $3.99                                                                                                          w. Brian Buccellato                                                                                a. Phil Winslade

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? Because the totalitarian criminal rule over pre-Crisis Earth 3 is over, now that they are powerless. In fact Superwoman is in prison, on death row for the murder of philanthropist Bruno Mannheim, and her execution is eminent. But the remaining Crime Syndicate members, Power Ring, Ultraman, Johnny Quick and Owl Man are about to break her out! The only thing standing in their way is the Rogue Hunters!

Captain Cold, Boomerang, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard and the Top! Law- Abiding bounty hunters hired as security at the prison. Will they be in time to stop the execution?

Meanwhile in the Metropolis of the 853’d Century, Justice Legion A ( from DC 1,000,00 fights a never ending battle, as clones of Lex Luthor threaten to take over the city. When the dome drops and the both teams have their powers returned, a death match is set up between the angry, vengeful Crime Syndicate and the desperate Justice League of the far future!



Convergence: Detective Comics #1                                                 $3.99                                                                                                           w. Len Wein                                                                                             a. Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? It got 5 just for the creative team alone. C’mon folks, living legends are all over this thing. Len Wein ( the guy who created Swamp Thing and Wolverine ). Denys Cowan ( The Question, Deathlok, Milestone’s Hardware ) and Bill Sienkiewicz (Batman, Nighttwing/Huntress Miniseries, Elektra Assassin, inker extrodinaire.) How could anyone not enjoy a comic with all this star power behind it??? You’d have to be nuts!

Huntress ( Helena Wayne, Batman and Catwoman’s daughter ) and Robin ( a grown-up Dick Grayson, mourning the Pre-Crisis Batman’s death ) defend a pre-Crisis Metropolis from the likes of Toy-Man, and other criminals, who despite being trapped under the dome, continue with their elaborate plots and crimes. But time under the dome hasn’t just had its affects on the villains.. Coupled with her father’s death, and Robin’s unwillingness to take of the mantle of the Bat, Huntress has become more aggressive and combative, putting her at constant odds with the Man-Wonder.

This all comes to a head when the dome drops, and the Dynamic Duo is transported to the Moscow of Red Son, where the Huntress starts a  battle with the Soviet Superman. And even when Dick Grayson and Comrade Kal-el wave the white flag, and discuss teaming up against Telos, the Huntress isn’t buying it and tries to escape in the Batmobile. How far will Helena Wayne go to take down her new enemy??? Well, she is Batman’s daughter… so i’d say pretty damn far!
This book is worth every penny and then some just in raw talent alone. Wein makes the characters compelling, and the Cowan/Sienkiewicz art captures both the dark side of Metropolis and Communist Russia in dark gritty detail. Top Notch!


CONV_INF_INC_1_54b452b0008fa0.18770122Convergence: Infinity Inc. #1
w. Jerry Ordway
a. Talent Caldwell

3 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? The children of the Justice Society have had a year to adjust to life under the dome, and some have done it better then others. Jade pursues her acting career, starring in community plays, Fury is leading the Civilian Police Patrol that protects the citizens f the domed city, Obsidian is coming to terms with his sexual orientation, and Nuklo is a mechanic. But poor Brainwave jr., with the loss of his mental powers, has turned to booze as a crush, alienating everyone but Jade.

But when the Dome drops the second generation of the JSA pulls itself together! But can this bright eyed team of youngsters stand against Jonah Hex. Oh no…not the cowboy one, the Hex who got pulled to a post apocalyptic future ala Mad Max, and is now the leader of savage motor cycle gang of killers, thieves and ex-soldiers. That Hex. It’s not gonna be pretty.


CONV_JSA_1_54b4542d29f291.12131585Convergence: Justice Society of America
w. Dan Abnett
a. Tom Derenick

5 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? “One last time then…” is the quote that will echo through fans of the Golden Age from now on. Life under the dome hasn’t been to kind to the aging members of the JSA. The Flash uses a cane, and has a hard time with stairs, Alan Scott fell back on his broadcasting skills as a retirement project, and Hawkman, well Hawkman runs a community garden now, to help feed the populace. Worst off is Kent Nelson, slowly deteriorating in an unexplained coma.

Needless to say, these heroes have long decided to retire and leave the superheroing to their kids, Inifinity,Inc. ( see above ) When the dome drops and their powers are returned to them, they are still trapped in aging, betraying bodies that can barely contain or control the powers they have. Around the time the Weaponeers of Qward attack their city, Dr. Fate, fresh out f his coma makes an offer to his ailing comrades. He can return them to their youth,but at the cost of their remaining life force. Just enough for one battle, and then they will die!!! What answer do they give him?… read the start of this review, and see why the JSA were the greatest generation of heroes!


Convergence-PlasticMan1Convergence: Plastic Man & The Freedom Fighters #1
w Simon Oliver
a John McCrea

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? Because the Nazi’s used the chaos and fear of the Dome rising to cement their control of Earth-X’s New York City. Gone from Superteam with a chance of turning the tide, to a ragtag team of powerless resistance fighters. PlasticMan, The Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, Black Condor, The Ray and Dollman all eek by, with Uncle Sam taking it the worst, his connection to the American spirit was severed by the dome, and then tramped by the Nazi jackboots.

After being betrayed by Plastic Man’s former sidekick Woozy Winks, the Freedom Fighters were arrested, imprisoned and subject to torture for most of their time under the Dome. But when that all changes, can an angry, vengeful team of Freedom Fighters get their revenge on the Nazi’s….and beat the Superpowered Cyborgs from Future’s End???


convergence-shazam1Convergence: SHAZAM! #1                                                               $3.99                                                                                                          w. Jeff Parker                                                                                           a. Doc Shaner

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? Because Jeff Parker continues to work his magic, which is capturing comics and characters of bygone eras with respect and skill that keeps them interesting to modern audiences.

Billy Batson is doing his best in a Fawcett City covered by Telos’ dome and bereft of it’s Marvel family of protectors. Using his reporting skills, he tries to keep the city’s spirits up, but even with help from Bullet Man and Bullet Woman, it’s citizens feel betrayed by their seeming abandonment by the Marvel family.

But Billy still says Shazam everyday…just in case. And Uncle Dudley and Mr. Morris the former con man start acting suspicious, well it’s Billy, Mary and Freddy on the case, a case which leads them to the Monster Society of Evil!

Mr. Atom, King Kull, Ibac and Dr. Sivana capture the 3 powerless teens, and even a timely intervention by Tawny the talking tiger, cant save the Marvel family from certain doom!

Their old enemies have been hiding out, biding their time to attack. But it looks like they waited to long. The dome drops and with a single word… (and one of the best splash pages of the SHAZAM transformation done by the talented Shaner) …so does the Monster Society. But the newly repowered Marvels arent done yet… the War Zeppelins of Gotham by Gaslight have begun an assault on Fawcett City!!!!


CONV_WF_1Convergence: World’s Finest #1                                                     $3.99                                                                                                         w. Paul Levitz                                                                                         a. Jim Fern

2 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why? Because the Seven Soldiers of Victory were hit pretty hard when the Dome rose. Green Arrow and Speedy were killed trying to save Scribbly Jibbet (the Soldiers’ cartoonist/sidekick), Stripesy dies from pneumonia, and Sir Justin, the Shining Knight ages back to his senior-citizenship, The Vigilante was least affected,  still crime fighting, but the Crimson Avenger spends him time digging, swimming, diving and tunneling, trying to find away out of the dome.

When Telos’ drops the Dome, he hand selects a newly youthful Shining Knight as the champion of Metropolis and sends him forth into battle, but not alone… he has a new squire: Scribbly Jiblet. All in all a fun glance into these characters, but they got docked a Space Monkey for no reveal of his enemy from another city. Yeah there was big blast, but that could be anyone!!!!


And don’t forget to check out Chip Kidd’s variants:



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