Threat Level: WEDNESDAY! Complete with Spoiler-Free Batman #28 Review ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level: WEDNESDAY! Complete with Spoiler-Free Batman #28 Review


X-Force #1
w. Si Spurrier
a. Rock-He Kim

3 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Honestly, because I love Marrow. She’s one of my favorite ’90s characters. I gave up on the last iteration of Uncanny X-Force, and was contemplating dropping Cable & X-force when I heard they were both being canceled. I hadn’t thought about getting this one until her name popped up in the roster. And let’s be clear, I’m a fan of the disfigured Morlock with nasty bone protrusions: marrowsarah3Not the co-splay delicate fawn pretty X-Man Alan Davis likes to draw:

 marrowsarah4So I was pretty lucky since Spurrier decided to go with the former, and also use her and her warped little mind as the narrator of the issue. Somehow regaining her powers, Marrow spends most of the issue powered down, since her power seems to be out of control and she’s wearing an inhibitor collar (you see the extent of her lack of control towards the end of the issue when she’s free of the collar for mission purposes). Now she’s working for Cable, primarily as a sniper, along side Psylocke, Dr. Nemesis, and Phantomex in Cable’s latest X-Force, with a special purpose in mind. Cable wants this team to be the”dirty tricks” squad of the mutant world, taking out people with anti-mutant agendas, especially those using mutants to further their cause. Spurrier gets into Marrow’s mind very nicely as a story device, but doesn’t lose focus of the other characters. Everyone gets their voice heard, and Spurrier captures their personalities, if not slightly exaggerated ( the Frenchy-ness Phantomex, Psylocke’s mood and Cable’s gruffness are all a bit much). Rock-He Kim has a dirty realistic painted style akin to Clayton Crain, and fits the tone of the book nicely. These two are off to a good start together and I hope they can put enough of a spin on this to make it stand out from previous X-Force runs.



THORGOT2012019_covThor God of Thunder #19
w. Jason Aaron
a. Esad Ribic

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys

Why?: Not only is this the return of Esad Ribic on art duties, it sets the stage for the next coming arc: Future Thor versus Future Galactus. Nuff Said! When Aaron started this series, he told a tale that took place in the past, present and future, each one showing Thor at a different stage in life dealing with the same enormous threat: The God Killer. Since then he has mainly focused on the current Thor, with some small flashbacks to his younger, brasher self. This issue does mainly center the current Thor, helping his new girlfriend Roz Solomon, Agent Of SHIELD, take on the environmental hazardous company, and their new CEO Dario Agger. Agger plans to profit on the damage his own company has done to earth by selling clean water his company mined from ice in space. Leave to Thor to come up with an GIANT-sized solution to the CEO’s profiteering. LikeRoz says ” Don’t feel bad. He’s a God. His was bound to be bigger” ( it’s out of context, I promise! ). This story is bookended by a framing sequence setting up the above mentioned Future arc that promises to be the slam-bang-action fest only Aaron and Ribic could produce!


GalleryComics_1900x900_20140212_SU_SQ_28_52d43ad6df6667.74885302Suicide Squad #28
w. Matt Kindt
a. Jason Masters

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Because anything Kindt writes is comic gold, and he’s been carving himself a little niche in the New 52 and you can tell this guy was a fan of the characters he writes before he was writing them. When all hell broke loose during Forever Evil, Belle Reve Prison fell into the hands of the Thinker. He quickly trapped Amanda Waller in the overrun superhuman jail, and formed his own Suicide Squad to hunt down a device that could free his genius mind from its frail useless body… transferring it to O.M.A.C ! From within Belle Reve Waller must form her own team, to rescue her and stop Thinker from taking control of the O.M.A.C., granting the mad genius’ brain an indestructible body designed to kill superhumans reside in. The past few issues have been a free-fall of action intrigue and drama, as sides are switched, teams are betrayed and old grievances are put aside for the greater good as Harley and Deadshot team up on a side mission for Waller to recover the one thing that might give them the advantage over O.M.A.C….. Magic Bullets???. Guest starring ( deep breath ) Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Powergirl, Captain Boomerang, James Gordon jr., Steel, King Shark, Kamo, Warrant and the Unknown Soldier. If you’re getting Forever Evil and checking out the tie-ins, make sure you grab this arc, just like his run in Justice League America, Kindt touches on a nice slice of the DCU and the effects a world controlled by the Crime Syndicate has on that corner of the New 52.


batman28_cvrBatman #28
w. Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV
a. Dustin Nguyen

5 out of 5 Stars


Because even when he takes a mid-arc break, Snyder still slams down an awesome Batman story. Of course he had his ever talented former protegé James Tynion helping out with the writing chores, and having Dustin Nguyen on pencils is a smart move. The guy has never drawn a bad Batman,and his Mignola-esque shades and shadows fit Gotham’s noir atmosphere like tight-fitting armored cowl. Taking place “Soon” in the future, Gotham Eternal shows the city under Martial Law, enforced by a corrupt police in the pocket of the Gotham’s new kingpin of crime. Batman enters The Egyptian, the new crimelord’s HQ, with a little assist from Harper Row ( sporting a blue and black costume, some bad-ass gear and a superhero identity! Not spoiling what it is!) in an attempt to bargain for something both he and Gotham needs desperately….the crimelord’s hostage. Good thing Batman and the new head of Gotham’s underworld have a little history (not spoiling who it is!) and who is that in the Bat-Cave Bat-helping the new dynamic duo out? It sure as hell isn’t Alfred (won’t even spoil it with my guess) Filled with the great Bat-Action you’d expect from this powerhouse creative team, Batman # 28 is not only a good lead in to new weekly series Batman Eternal, it will be one of the most sought after books in weeks to come once people see the last page reveal (won’t spoil what’s on it!), a page that will finally shut up 1/3 of the whiners who “miss the old 52” so much they still harp about it almost 3 years later! GET. THIS. BOOK.

Steam-punk variant!




SonsOfAnarchy_06_rev-1Sons of Anarchy #6 of ????
Boom! Studios
w. Christopher Golden
a. Damian Couceiro

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Because the Sons of Anarchy are so damn cool they can’t be contained in a miniseries! Take note Big 2! You CAN start a book as a miniseries and..And! ….If it’s popular enough …..make it on going… Makes more sense than starting ongoing series and letting them die slow deaths and becoming mini series anyway! Anyway the M.C.’s first comic arc ends in the only way any situation ends when the Sons are involved, a hail of bullets, a spray of blood, and the screech of tires! Tig is in the home stretch of getting his dead pal’s daughter to safety with her father’s chapter of the Sons up in Oregon. On his tail are the criminals who want her dead for exposing their child porn ring, as well as the now lone Ghost Brother, seeking revenge for the death of his brother at Tig’s hands .With Jax back at Morrow-Teller trying to keep the MC afloat, Tig has Happy and Chibs riding to his rescue. But will they be enough to save him when the crimelord’s right hand man, an ex military sniper and his back up team of hire guns show up to take them all out? Check out the now on-going comic adaption of the hit T.V. show, get a steady fix of the boys in black, while you wait patiently for the next season to start! Check out the Preview!


ROYALS_Cv1 The Royals: Masters of War #1 (of 6)
w. Rob William
a. Simon Colby

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Because I love British stuff, WWII Era military uniforms redesigned to look like Superhero costumes and alternate history stories, so this had me written all over it. In the world created by Rob Williams and Sion Colby, superpowers have passed from Royal families genetically for centuries, the purer the Royal Bloodline the stronger the person is. The Bolshevik and French revolutions were started to wrest power away, and in some cases ( i.e. Antoinette and the Romanoffs ) kill the superpowered bloodline. The king of England has successfully kept his family alive by forbidding use of their powers and keeping them uninvolved in worldly events. But now, as WWII reaches its height of death and destruction, evidence of the horrors of the outside world are literally at the Royal family’s doorstep. The younger Prince Henry decides to enter the war, after sneaking out and seeing first hand the devastation caused by Germany’s bombing of London, not understanding the ramifications of his public use of his powers will have! Smartly written by Rob Williams with sensational artwork by his fellow 2000 AD alum Simon Colby, this has the makings of a classic British comic drawn all over it. Colby’s style has elements of Gary Leach and Paul Neary adding to the English-ness of Williams realistic super hero drama. Fans of Miracle Man, Golden Age, Ellis’ Authority will love this book!

Last Week’s Surprise Pick
STK631930Batman: Joker’s Daughter #1
w. Marguerite Bennett
a. Meghan Hetrick

4 out of 5 Space Monkeys


Because if someone doesn’t give Bennett an ongoing series soon I’m going to go ape-$#!T!!! I was not a fan of this character at all, from her bland origin to her being one of the few low points to the Villains month one-shots from last September. But I saw Bennet’s name on the cover and said what the hell! I’ll get it… just in case. Boy am I glad I did, without doing a reboot, Bennet totally changed the character, making her way cooler and edgier than the Harley Quinn rip-off she first appeared to be. After being casually dismissed by Batman in the Gotham Underworld, JD heads into the depths Arkham in search of the man she calls father. A chance encounter with Arkhams oldest patient, the Anchoress leads to revelations about the Joker’s Daughter’s madness, and what her true mental problems are. Please D.C., you have this whole “Dark Side” of the New 52, just pick someone (I dunno… Zatanna, maybe) and give them to Bennett and let her run with. Guaranteed Hit! If should could take this instant C-lister and write a thought provoking story around her,imagine what she could do with an A-lister!

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