Threat Level Wednesday! - Comin' at ya from Dimension Z suckas! ~ What'cha Reading?

Threat Level Wednesday! – Comin’ at ya from Dimension Z suckas!




Captain America #9
w. Rick Remender
a. John Romita Jr.


           I cannot state enough how good this book has been. Now, in the penultimate chapter of R and R’s Dimension Z arc, Cap is reeling from the death of his son ( what???? Cap has a son!!!… I told you, you should be reading this ) at the hands of his love Sharon Carter, The star-spangled sentinel  is at an all time low. Physically beaten and emotionally exhausted, Cap finally has a way home from Arnim Zola’s twisted dimension. But first he has to take some frustration out by beating the ever lovin’ crap out of Zola, and since he couldn’t save his son, he’s going to do his best to save Zola’s daughter, the enigmatic Jet Black.

hawkeye ann 1

Hawkeye Annual #1
w. Matt Fraction
a. Javier Pulido


           Because I told you this book would always be on this list… Also it stars Kate Bishop, the other, better looking Hawkeye. Kate had enough of Clint’s depressive mood lately and strikes out west to L.A., but not before stealing his dog, and some of his more potent arrows. And boy is she gonna need them. Madame Masque,  ( whom Kate seriously pissed off earlier in the series ) has found out about her little trip and is out to make Kate’s life miserable as possible and then kill her of course.
Fraction continues to write the best Hawkeye ever, Kate’s internal dialog is believably irreverent ( some parts you should read out loud to yourself just to giggle ) and the story itself is a quick fun read. With a Pulido’s art a great stand in for series regular David Aka ( congrats man you earned it! ) , this is the issue you toss to your girlfriend or wide and I guarantee she asks for the back issues!

D.C. :


Justice League Dark #22
w. Jeff Lemire
a.  Mikel Janin


       Trinity War. I’ll say that again slowly, Trin-It-Tee  Waaar.  This is the third part of DC’s summer blockbuster and now the third League joins the brouhaha. Hence the title of the crossover. Or Does that refer to Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman? Or Pandora, Phantom Stranger and the Question  ( collectively known as the Trinity of Sin )?  Well apparently its a bit of all three. JLD has been great from the being and now being thrust into the spotlight it can only do the book good.
Sides are drawn in this chapter of the Trinity War, but definitely not as cut and dried as you might think. As the three teams scramble to save Superman, it all seems to be orchestrated by the mysterious Outsider running the Secret Society. Who while torturing Madame Xanadu
reveals he has a mole among the League? But which League is talking about. If that’s not enough to get ya, check out Mikel Janin’s beautiful art. He’s been doing the book since its inception and finally gets to showcase his Superhero side, and its great. Janin is by far one the most underrated artists out there today.


Talon #10
w. James Tynion IV
a. Miguel Sepulveda


        Because as underrated an artist as Janin is, Tynion is in the same boat as a writer. Scott Snyder’s protégée has taken concepts from the acclaimed Court of Owls arc and ran wild with them. Calvin Rose,  the man known as Talon, is coerced into working for the Court once again. His mission: kill their former leader, the man who helped him get revenge in the first place. Too bad his ex boss has a new buddy… Bane ( of the Bat-back breaking fame ). Trapped on the isle of Santa Prisca, fighting a group of Venom enhanced soldiers of fortune while his wife is being tortured and his daughter being brainwashed, Talon’s future seems pretty bleak, especially when you get to that final page. Pretty much independent of the rest DCU, this book is a fast paced John MacClane as Batman action adventure. If anything, buy it  for that awesome cover!


Wild Blue Yonder 2

Wild Blue Yonder #2
IDW Publishing
w. Raicht, Howard and Harrison
a. Austin Harrison


               Because I got the first issue on a lark and really enjoyed it. Picture Waterworld …. But in the sky. Its steam punk sky pirates, with rocket packs and airships. War wages in the skies of a ruined earth, and air battle tactics have changed due to fuel and ammo shortages. Guns, the name given to the short-lived souls who jet pack to the enemy, wreak havoc on their ships, and then jet pack back if there lucky, have become the survivor’s first line of defense against the Judge and his Black Fleet. But the latest Gun in training isn’t all he seems to be. Amidst all the battles, is a well written family drama ( the Captain is mother to one of the ships fighter pilots, Cola, who happens to be a bit of a loose cannon ), some funny scenes with a veteran Gun training the new guy, and a very touching scene involving…. Bambi?

Last week’s Surprise hit:


Number Cruncher #1
Titan Comics
w. Si Spurrier
a. PJ Holden


        My girlfriend ( of  Comic’s My Girlfriend Made Me Read fame ) gave this to me to read after she enjoyed it and I followed suit. Mostly because I dug Spurrier’s X Men Legacy run, and this is right up there in terms of whimsical irreverent concepts. For those who sell there souls, whether to stay alive longer, get revenge  or be reincarnated, end up working for God. Oh and God turns out to be a cosmic accountant and souls are his currency. And heaven is black and white and boring and the only mode of transport is God provided golf carts. So when the chance to get out of the tedium that is the afterlife ( and away from God’s halitosis ) Agent 494, Bastard Zane, finally gets his dream assignment: Getting his replacement. But it wouldn’t be a story if things went right now would it? I really liked this book, its cleverly written and despite its humor has some serious under tones that really hook you in.

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